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  Subcommittee Meeting Notice

Eighty-Third General Assembly

Meeting Time: 3/11/2009 3:00 PM
Location: Senate Lobbyist Lounge
Notice Published: 3/9/2009 4:03 PM
Bill: SSB 1293
Committee: Local Government (Senate)
Bill Title: A study bill for an act relating to nuisance properties by requiring the indexing of certain municipal citations and petitions affecting real property, authorizing the creation of a lien on real property that is the subject of a nuisance action, and providing a limitation on liability for cities and city employees.03/09/09 Subcommittee:Quirmbach, Kreiman, Reynolds. SF 434.
Subcommittee Created: 3/9/2009
Subcommittee Members: Quirmbach-CH, Kreiman, Reynolds
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