outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

Subcommittees of the Local Government Committee
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Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
HF 2101A bill for an act relating to preparation and recording of public land survey corner certificates. (Formerly HF 506) 2/13/2012; Rielly-CH, Bartz, Quirmbach
SF 2137A bill for an act relating to certain property taxes for joint county-city buildings and including applicability provisions. Effective 7-1-12. 2/9/2012; Beall-CH, Courtney, Ernst
SSB 3138A study bill for an act relating to the powers and duties of county treasurers related to real property by modifying provisions for the payment of taxes and assessments in installments, modifying provisions providing for the apportionment of installment payments on delinquent taxes, modifying certain tax payment provisions following a tax sale, and specifying procedures for the payment of certain prorated taxes and assessments following a real estate transaction. 02/07/12 Bowman, Beall, Ernst 2/7/2012; Bowman-CH, Beall, Ernst
SSB 3121A study bill for an act providing for petition and election to approve the use of increased local sales and services tax revenues to fund urban renewal projects. 02/01/12 Courtney, Rielly, Hamerlinck 2/1/2012; Courtney-CH, Hamerlinck, Rielly
SSB 3096A study bill for an act providing that a county enterprise includes natural gasworks and electric light and power service plants and systems. 01/26/12 Bowman, Courtney, Bartz 1/26/2012; Bowman-CH, Bartz, Courtney
SF 2047A bill for an act relating to membership qualifications for city commissions for areas of historical significance. 1/25/2012; Beall-CH, Bowman, Ernst
SSB 3070A study bill for an act relating to meeting requirements for rural water districts. 01/23/12 Bowman, Schoenjahn, Bacon 1/23/2012; Bowman-CH, Bacon, Schoenjahn
HF 524A bill for an act relating to the administration of the special appraiser's fund and the assessment expense fund. Effective 7-1-12. 1/18/2012; Bowman-CH, Ernst, Rielly
SSB 1062A study bill for an act relating to the procedures to be followed for certain county projects involving the judicial branch. 01/27/11 McCoy, Quirmbach, Hamerlinck 1/11/2012; Wilhelm-CH, Courtney, Hamerlinck
SF 196A bill for an act abolishing county compensation boards. 1/11/2012; Wilhelm-CH, Bartz, Courtney
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