outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly

Eighty-First General Assembly

Subcommittees of the Ethics Committee
Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
SSB 1021A Resolution relating to the Senate Rules Governing Lobbyists and their interactions with the Senate and members of the Senate during the Eighty-First General Assembly. 1-18-05 Subcommittee: Lamberti, Kibbie, Mulder, Dearden. SR 5. 1/18/2005; Larson-CH, Dearden, Kibbie, Mulder
  • None
SSB 1022A Resolution relating to the Senate Code of Ethics governing the conduct of members of the Senate in relation to their senatorial duties during the Eighty-first General Assembly. 1-18-05 Subcommittee: Kibbie, Lamberti, McKibben, Connolly. SR 6. 1/18/2005; Kibbie-CH, Connolly, Larson, McKibben
  • None