outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

Subcommittees of the Commerce Committee
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Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
HF 2144A bill for an act relating to permissible forms of ownership of transmission facilities subject to a joint agreement for generating, purchasing, or otherwise acquiring electric power and energy. Effective 7-1-12. 2/14/2012; Wilhelm-CH, Feenstra, Seng
  • None
HF 2168A bill for an act relating to the authorized deposit of public funds. (Formerly HSB 535) 2/14/2012; McCoy-CH, Kettering, Rielly
SSB 3158A study bill for an act relating to boiler inspections. 02/14/12 McCoy, Courtney, Anderson 2/14/2012; McCoy-CH, Anderson, Courtney
SSB 3159A study bill for an act requiring a commercial breeder of dogs and cats to file evidence of financial responsibility with the department of agriculture and land stewardship, and making penalties applicable. 02/14/12 McCoy, Bolkcom, Zaun 2/14/2012; McCoy-CH, Bolkcom, Zaun
SSB 3160A study bill for an act relating to security interests in farm products, providing for fees and their expenditure, and including contingent applicability provisions. 02/14/12 Mathis, Wilhelm, Kettering 2/14/2012; Mathis-CH, Kettering, Wilhelm
SF 2128A bill for an act requiring certain group health insurance policies, contracts, or plans to provide coverage for autism spectrum disorders for certain persons, providing for a repeal, and including applicability and effective date provisions. 2/14/2012; Beall-CH, Bertrand, Bolkcom
HF 2145A bill for an act establishing regulations to permit access to surplus lines insurance in this state, and providing civil and criminal penalties, coordinating provisions, and repeals, and including effective date provisions. (Formerly HSB 534) 2/14/2012; Rielly-CH, Schoenjahn, Ward
SSB3125  2/9/2012; Kettering-CH, Courtney, Mathis
  • None
SSB 3125A study bill for an act relating to matters under the purview of the banking division of the department of commerce, and including effective date provisions. 02/02/12 Kettering, Courtney, Mathis 2/2/2012; Kettering-CH, Courtney, Mathis
SSB 3123A study bill for an act authorizing charitable auctions for alcoholic spirits. 02/02/12 McCoy, Bolkcom, Anderson 2/2/2012; McCoy-CH, Anderson, Bolkcom
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