outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly

Eighty-Third General Assembly

Subcommittees of the Labor and Business Relations Committee
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Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
HF 2485A bill for an act relating to public employee collective bargaining. Effective 7-01-10. 3/1/2010; Jochum-CH, Courtney, Ward
SSB 3192A study bill for an act relating to the regulation of professional and amateur mixed martial arts matches and events by the labor commissioner and providing penalties. 02/02/10 Subcommittee: Dotzler, Dearden, Wieck 2/2/2010; Dotzler-CH, Dearden, Wieck
HF 681A bill for an act requiring employers to provide notice of business closings and mass layoffs and providing penalties. Effective 7-01-10. 2/2/2010; Dotzler-CH, Dearden, Ward
SF 2112A bill for an act aelating to workplace accommodations for employees who express breast milk. 2/2/2010; Jochum-CH, Hatch, Wieck
SF 2119A bill for an act relating to the use of certain assets contained in the workers' compensation second injury fund. 2/2/2010; Dotzler-CH, Courtney, Ward
  • None
SSB 3175A study bill for an act requiring certain weekly workers' compensation benefits to be calculated by including an employee's overtime and premium pay, and to include an annual cost=of=living adjustment. 01/27/10 Subcommittee: Horn, Courtney, Ward 2/1/2010; Horn-CH, Courtney, Ward
SSB 3176A study bill for an act providing minimum paid sick and safe time for employees and including applicability provisions. 01/27/10 Subcommittee: Courtney, Hatch, Wieck 2/1/2010; Courtney-CH, Hatch, Wieck
SSB 3057A study bill for an act relating to employment practices and public safety programs administered by the division of labor services of the department of workforce development. 01/13/10 Subcommittee: Dotzler, Hatch, Ward 1/19/2010; Dotzler-CH, Hatch, Ward
SSB 3056A study bill for an act relating to choice of medical care by members of the municipal police and fire retirement system who are injured in the line of duty. 01/13/10 Subcommittee: Courtney, Dearden, Ward 1/19/2010; Courtney-CH, Dearden, Ward
  • None
SSB 3059A study bill for an act relating to unemployment insurance benefits for spouses who leave employment to accompany a spouse on a military assignment. 01/13/10 Subcommittee: Dotzler, Jochum, Ward 1/19/2010; Dotzler-CH, Jochum, Ward
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