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Eighty-Third General Assembly

Subcommittees of the Commerce Committee
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Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
SF 2348A bill for an act providing for the licensing and regulation of real estate closing agents, making penalties applicable, and including effective date provisions. (Formerly SSB 3155.) Effective 7-1-11. 3/4/2010; Jacoby-CH, Helland, Reichert
  • None
SF 2324A bill for an act modifying provisions relating to franchises for the provision of cable service or video service, and including effective date provisions. (Formerly SF 2113.) Effective 4-12-10. 3/2/2010; Quirk-CH, Lukan, Petersen
SF 2346A bill for an act relating to certain coverage provisions contained in uninsured and underinsured motor vehicle insurance coverage. (Formerly SSB 3102.) 3/2/2010; Wenthe-CH, Windschitl, Zirkelbach
SF 2272A bill for an act relating to the Iowa life and health insurance guaranty association regarding coverage, benefits, duties, powers, rights, the operation of the Iowa life and health insurance guaranty association, and the coordination of coverage and benefits with those of similar associations of other states, and to the Iowa insurance guaranty association with respect to covered claims, benefits, limitations, duties, and powers of the Iowa insurance guaranty association, and coordination and cooperation by it with similar associations of other states. (Formerly SSB 3195.) Effective 7-1-10. 2/25/2010; Oldson-CH, Pettengill, Wenthe
SF 2325A bill for an act relating to the practice of mortuary science and to the preneed sale of cemetery and funeral merchandise and funeral services and providing a penalty. (Formerly SSB 3080.) Effective 7-1-10. 2/25/2010; Kelley-CH, Reasoner, Sorenson
SF 2326A bill for an act modifying disciplinary provisions applicable to real estate brokers and salespersons. (Formerly SSB 3167.) Effective 7-1-10. 2/25/2010; Jacoby-CH, Helland, Wenthe
SF 2349A bill for an act requiring certain group health insurance plans established for employees of the state to provide coverage for autism spectrum disorders for certain persons, requiring certification of behavior specialists, and providing an applicability date. 2/25/2010; Olson, T.-CH, Lukan, Petersen
SF 2192A bill for an act prohibiting the running of a transfer fee covenant with the title to real property and including effective date and applicability provisions. (Formerly SSB 3181.) Effective 4-23-10. 2/25/2010; Reichert-CH, Helland, Quirk
HF 2425A bill for an act removing an exemption for specified electric public utilities from the regulatory authority of the utilities board of the department of commerce. 2/17/2010; Petersen-CH, Reichert, Wagner
  • None
SF 2073A bill for an act relating to the practice of accounting and to the organization and operation of the licensing boards included within the professional licensure and regulation bureau of the banking division in the department of commerce. (Formerly SSB 3017.) Effective 7-1-10. 2/17/2010; Kressig-CH, Sands, Shomshor
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