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  Subcommittee Assignments for Representative Philip L. Wise

Eighty-First General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Commerce SF 2344A bill for an act requiring development of a uniform application form for small employer group health insurance coverage. (Formerly SSB 3242.) Effective 7-1-06. 3/23/2006; Hoffman-CH, Dix, Freeman, Horbach, Jacobs, Jacoby, Jenkins, Kressig, May, Oldson, J., Petersen, Pettengill, Quirk, Sands, Shomshor, Soderberg, Struyk, Taylor, D., Taylor, T., Tomenga, Watts, Wilderdyke, Wise
  • None
Commerce SF 2276A bill for an act relating to the maximum finance charge allowed for consumer loans secured by a certificate of title to a motor vehicle and making penalties applicable. (Formerly SF 217.) 3/15/2006; Tomenga-CH, Freeman, Jacobs, Kressig, Petersen, Sands, Wise
Education HSB 726A study bill for providing for the extension of a reduction in the foundation property tax levy for reorganized or dissolved districts, and the extension of the period during which supplementary weighting may be received as a reorganization incentive by school districts, and providing an effective date. 2-22-06 Subcommittee assigned, Dolecheck, Schickel, and Wise. H.J. 374. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2617) (See Cmte. Bill HF 2756) 2/22/2006; Dolecheck-CH, Schickel, Wise
Education HSB 731A study bill relating to the policies adopted by the board of directors of a school district. 2-23-06 Subcommittee assigned, Tymeson, Raecker, and Wise. H.J. 386. 2/22/2006; Tymeson-CH, Raecker, Wise
  • None
Economic Growth HSB 732A study bill for creating a mathematics and science teacher practical experience incentive program and providing for a tax credit from withholding. 2-23-06 Subcommittee assigned, Jenkins, Schickel, and Wise. H.J. 386. (See Cmte Bill HF 2699) 2/22/2006; Jenkins-CH, Schickel, Wise
Economic Growth HSB 733A study bill relating to alternative and renewable energy for purposes of economic development. 2-23-06 Subcommittee assigned, Wise, Jenkins, and Soderberg. H.J. 387. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2702) 2/22/2006; Wise-CH, Jenkins, Soderberg
Education HSB 739A study bill relating to teacher salaries by increasing beginning and career teacher minimum salary levels and creating a salary supplement for mathematics and science teachers and making an appropriation. 2-23-06 Subcommittee assigned, Boal, Chambers, and Wise. H.J. 387. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2690) (See Cmte. Bill HF 2760) 2/22/2006; Boal-CH, Chambers, Wise
Economic Growth HF 2413A bill for an act establishing a lean manufacturing institute and making an appropriation. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2572) 2/16/2006; Lukan-CH, Olson, S., Wise
Economic Growth HSB 688A study bill concerning programs and reports related to economic development. 2-15-06 Subcommittee assigned, May, Lalk, and Wise. H.J. 313. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2613) 2/15/2006; May-CH, Lalk, Wise
Commerce HSB 671A study bill relating to debt management, mortgage bankers and brokers, delayed deposit services, regulated loans, and industrial loans, and providing for fees and penalties. 2-13-06 Subcommittee assigned, Sands, Tomenga, and Wise. H.J. 272. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2606) (See Cmte. Bill HF 2749) 2/13/2006; Sands-CH, Tomenga, Wise
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