outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Tom Rielly

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Economic Growth HF 617A bill for an act creating a generation Iowa commission. Effective 7-01-07. 3/15/2007; Rielly-CH, Danielson, Mulder
Economic Growth SSB 1299A study bill for an act relating to the establishment of regional sports authorities by convention and visitors bureaus in certain cities and making appropriations. 03/05/07 Subcommittee:Hatch,Rielly,Zaun. SF 409. 3/5/2007; Hatch-CH, Rielly, Zaun
Economic Growth SSB 1300A study bill for an act relating to certain distress criteria under the enterprise zone program. 03/05/07 Subcommittee: Rielly,Danielson,Houser. SF 506 & SF 589. 3/5/2007; Rielly-CH, Danielson, Houser
Economic Growth SF 183A bill for an act creating a film, television, and video project promotion program and fund and an Iowa film advisory board, providing tax credits and income exclusions, making appropriations, and including effective and retroactive applicability dates. 2/19/2007; Dotzler-CH, Rielly, Zaun
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Economic Growth SSB 1082A study bill for an act relating to historic preservation and cultural and entertainment district tax credits, making appropriations, and providing applicability date provisions. 01/23/07 Subcommittee:Rielly,Stewart,Houser. SF 98 & SF 566. 1/23/2007; Rielly-CH, Houser, Stewart
Economic Growth SSB 1016A study bill for an act relating to the designation of Iowa great places and financial and technical assistance to projects in Iowa great places.01/10/07 Subcommittee:Rielly,Schmitz,Mulder. SF 306. 1/10/2007; Rielly-CH, Mulder, Schmitz
Commerce HF 2650A bill for an act establishing a state health insurance mandate commission, and providing for a repeal and an effective date. (Formerly HF 2128) 3/26/2008; Rielly-CH, Heckroth, Kettering
Commerce HF 2383A bill for an act making nonsubstantive corrections to certain provisions relating to insurance and making repeals. (Formerly HSB 595) 3/21/2008; Rielly-CH, Bolkcom, Ward
Commerce SF 2313A bill for an act requiring health benefit coverage for certain cancer treatment delivered pursuant to approved cancer clinical trials, establishing a cancer clinical trial review board, and providing an applicability date. (Formerly SSB 3190.) 3/11/2008; Bolkcom-CH, Kettering, Rielly
Commerce SSB 3268A study bill for an act providing for life settlement arrangements, providing penalties, providing for fees, and providing an effective date.03/04/08 Subcommittee:Rielly,Heckroth,Angelo. SF 2385. 3/4/2008; Rielly-CH, Angelo, Heckroth
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