outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Tom Rielly

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Transportation SSB 1320A study bill for an act providing for an agricultural=biomanufacturing initiative and making an appropriation. 03/06/07 Subcommittee:Rielly,Hancock,Putney. SF 470. 3/6/2007; Rielly-CH, Hancock, Putney
Agriculture SF 410A bill for an act providing for the acquisition of multiple interests in business associations allowed to hold agricultural land, and making penalties applicable. 3/13/2007; Rielly-CH, Gaskill, Olive
Agriculture SF 470A bill for an act providing for an agricultural-biomanufacturing initiative and making an appropriation. (Formerly SSB 1320.) 3/14/2007; Rielly-CH, Hancock, Johnson
Commerce SF 508A bill for an act requiring health care benefit coverage for certain prosthetic devices and providing an applicability date. (Formerly SSB 1076.) 3/14/2007; Rielly-CH, Olive, Ward
Economic Growth HF 617A bill for an act creating a generation Iowa commission. Effective 7-01-07. 3/15/2007; Rielly-CH, Danielson, Mulder
Local Government HF 591A bill for an act providing procedures to increase the number of city council members in certain cities. Effective 7-01-07. 3/19/2007; Rielly-CH, Beall, McKinley
Transportation HF 793A bill for an act relating to administration of regional transportation by regional transit districts and of highways and regulation of motor vehicles by the state department of transportation, including provisions relating to the placement of advertising devices along primary highways, qualifications of property appraisers, state standards for land surveying, destruction of suspended or revoked driver's licenses, requirements for a temporary restricted driver's license, registration and titling of vehicles, legion of merit special registration plates, antique motor vehicle registration plates and fees, licensing of motor vehicle dealers, motor carrier registration and fuel tax liability, the maximum length limitation for single trucks, requirements for operation of certain self-propelled implements of husbandry on secondary roads, and disposition of regional transit district tax revenues collected by a county treasurer, and providing effective dates. Effective 7-01-07, with exception of sections 16, 20, 27-28, and 33-34 effective 5-09-07 and sections 11-12 effective 7-01-08. 3/20/2007; Rielly-CH, Danielson, Noble
  • None
Agriculture SF 2004A bill for an act relating to advertising renewable fuels by the use of decals affixed to motor fuel pumps. (See SF 2137.) 1/15/2008; Kibbie-CH, Gaskill, Hancock, Houser, Rielly
Agriculture SSB 3041A study bill for an act relating to the Iowa crop improvement association. 01/16/08 Subcommittee: Rielly,Fraise,Mulder. SF 2133. 1/16/2008; Rielly-CH, Fraise, Mulder
Local Government SF 2007A bill for an act providing for an exception to the maximum age for chiefs of police and providing an effective date. 1/17/2008; Schoenjahn-CH, Rielly, Zaun
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