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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Tom Rielly

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Commerce HF 2650A bill for an act establishing a state health insurance mandate commission, and providing for a repeal and an effective date. (Formerly HF 2128) 3/26/2008; Rielly-CH, Heckroth, Kettering
Commerce HF 2383A bill for an act making nonsubstantive corrections to certain provisions relating to insurance and making repeals. (Formerly HSB 595) 3/21/2008; Rielly-CH, Bolkcom, Ward
Agriculture HF 2551A bill for an act providing requirements for a nonresident of this state engaged in the aerial application of pesticides, making penalties applicable, and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 702) Effective 4-08-08. 3/21/2008; Rielly-CH, Boettger, Hancock
Commerce SF 2313A bill for an act requiring health benefit coverage for certain cancer treatment delivered pursuant to approved cancer clinical trials, establishing a cancer clinical trial review board, and providing an applicability date. (Formerly SSB 3190.) 3/11/2008; Bolkcom-CH, Kettering, Rielly
Transportation HF 2196A bill for an act requiring the department of transportation to study the acceptance of electronic payments at its customer service sites and sites operated by county treasurers. Effective 7-01-08. 3/4/2008; Rielly-CH, Putney, Warnstadt
Transportation SSB 3267A study bill for an act allocating revenues to the TIME=21 fund, increasing motor vehicle and trailer registration fees, title fees, and driver's license fees, reallocating certain fees collected by the department of transportation, repealing the use tax on vehicles subject to registration and the use tax on certain leased motor vehicles, establishing a fee for new registration of vehicles, making penalties applicable, and providing effective dates.03/04/08 Subcommittee:Rielly,Noble,Zieman,Warnstadt, Putney,Danielson SF 2389. SF 2420. 3/4/2008; Rielly-CH, Danielson, Noble, Putney, Warnstadt, Zieman
Commerce SSB 3268A study bill for an act providing for life settlement arrangements, providing penalties, providing for fees, and providing an effective date.03/04/08 Subcommittee:Rielly,Heckroth,Angelo. SF 2385. 3/4/2008; Rielly-CH, Angelo, Heckroth
Local Government SF 2274A bill for an act relating to the operation of county hospitals and the duties and powers of county hospital trustees. 2/28/2008; Olive-CH, Hartsuch, Rielly
Local Government SF 2256A bill for an act relating to the authority of a public agency to spend property tax revenues under a contract or agreement with another public or private agency. (See SF 2330.) 2/28/2008; Rielly-CH, Angelo, Heckroth
Local Government SF 2255A bill for an act to allow a real property owner to petition for severance from a city if the owner's real property has not received municipal services for a period of at least ten years. 2/28/2008; Rielly-CH, Angelo, Heckroth
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