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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Brian Schoenjahn

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Local Government HF 132A bill for an act relating to the filing requirements for certain ordinances relating to a division of revenue. Effective 7-01-11. 3/22/2011; Bowman-CH, Ernst, Schoenjahn
Commerce HF 404A bill for an act relating to payments for prepaid cemetery and funeral merchandise, and funeral services that are required to be placed in trust or secured by a surety bond. (Formerly HF 13) Effective 7-01-11. 3/16/2011; Anderson-CH, Dandekar, Schoenjahn
Appropriations SF 328A bill for an act relating to education and employment training by establishing the pathways for academic career and employment program and fund and the gap tuition assistance program and fund and making an appropriation. (Formerly SF 202.) 3/2/2011; Schoenjahn-CH, Boettger, Hogg
Local Government SSB 1181A study bill for an act relating to the powers and governance of benefited recreational lake districts, water quality districts, and combined recreational lake and water quality districts. 03/02/11 Wilhelm, Schoenjahn, Bartz 3/2/2011; Wilhelm-CH, Bacon, Bartz, Beall, Bowman, Ernst, Hamerlinck, McCoy, Quirmbach, Rielly, Schoenjahn
  • None
Natural Resources and Environment HF 323A bill for an act relating to the rulemaking authority and voting requirements of the environmental protection commission. (Formerly HF 180) 3/2/2011; Hamerlinck-CH, Ragan, Schoenjahn
Local Government SSB 1178A study bill for an act relating to property taxes and fees by modifying provisions relating to receipts for the payment of property taxes and provisions relating to delinquent rates and charges and by specifying certain dates for notices and delinquency. 03/01/11 Wilhelm, Schoenjahn, Ernst 3/1/2011; Wilhelm-CH, Ernst, Schoenjahn
  • None
Education SSB 1164A study bill for an act relating to the use of certain revenues resulting from the physical plant and equipment levies and including applicability provisions. 02/28/11 Quirmbach, Schoenjahn, Hamerlinck 2/28/2011; Schoenjahn-CH, Hamerlinck, Quirmbach
Education SSB 1162A study bill for an act modifying the funding requirements for whole grade sharing agreements. 02/24/11 Bowman, Schoenjahn, Smith 2/24/2011; Bowman-CH, Schoenjahn, Smith, R.
Commerce SF 304A bill for an act creating a child and school communication protection registry, providing for a fee, creating a fund, providing an appropriation, and providing a penalty. 2/24/2011; Courtney-CH, Anderson, Beall, Feenstra, Schoenjahn
Education SF 310A bill for an act relating to the planning, approval, supplementary weighting, and operation of regional academies and including effective date and applicability provisions. (See SF 420.) 2/24/2011; Schoenjahn-CH, Boettger, Wilhelm
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