outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Jeff Danielson

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Appropriations SSB 3301A study bill for an act relating to economic development by creating a community microenterprise development organization grant program, a microenterprise development advisory committee, and a river enhancement community attraction and tourism fund, and by making changes to the requirements for individual development accounts and making appropriations, and including effective and retroactive applicability provisions.04/17/08 Subcommittee: Dotzler,Danielson,Dvorsky,Kettering,Ward. SF 2430. 4/17/2008; Dotzler-CH, Danielson, Dvorsky, Kettering, Ward
State Government SF 2414A bill for an act prohibiting the use of campaign funds as compensation to a candidate and providing an effective date. 4/14/2008; Kibbie-CH, Danielson, Gaskill
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Appropriations SSB 3300A study bill for an act concerning public retirement systems and other employee benefit=related matters, including the public safety peace officers' retirement, accident, and disability system, the Iowa public employees' retirement system, the statewide fire and police retirement system, and the judicial retirement system, including implementation and transition provisions, and providing effective and retroactive applicability dates.04/14/08 Subcommittee:Connolly,Danielson,Dvorsky,Kettering,Behn. SF 2424. 4/14/2008; Connolly-CH, Behn, Danielson, Dvorsky, Kettering
State Government HF 2620A bill for an act relating to the conduct of elections and voter registration, making penalties applicable, and including effective date, applicability date, and transition provisions. (Formerly HSB 627) Effective 7-01-08, with exception of Division I effective 4-22-08. 3/25/2008; Appel-CH, Danielson, Zieman
Transportation HF 2651A bill for an act relating to policies for the administration of highways and the regulation of motor vehicles and to deposits made by a county to the secondary road fund, physical ability tests required for fire fighter applicants, and certain obligations guaranteed by highway funds including matters concerning utility facility relocation due to highway construction, the bid threshold for emergency highway repairs, providing for new collegiate motor vehicle registration plates and providing fees, the fee for replacement of special dealer registration plates, antique motor vehicle registration fees, used motor vehicle dealer education requirements, penalties for speeding violations committed in road work zones, access to persons with disabilities parking spaces for certain disabled veterans, and permits and fees for the movement of certain oversize or overweight vehicles, drinking driver courses offered at state correctional facilities, establishment of benefited secondary road services districts, and the defeasance of petroleum underground storage tank fund bonds, and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 648) Effective 7-01-08, with exception of sections 11, 13-15, 18, and 38 effective 4-25-08. 3/25/2008; Danielson-CH, Warnstadt, Zaun
Appropriations SF 2378A bill for an act relating to open records and public meetings and providing an effective date. (Formerly SSB 3164.) (See SF 2411.) 3/24/2008; Connolly-CH, Behn, Danielson, Dvorsky, Kettering
State Government HF 2367A bill for an act relating to the tally of absentee votes by precinct at certain elections. (Formerly HF 2132) Effective 7-01-08. 3/21/2008; Schmitz-CH, Danielson, Zieman
State Government HF 2646A bill for an act providing for the licensure of persons installing fire protection systems, providing for the establishment of fees, and providing penalties and an effective date. (Formerly HSB 613) Effective 8-01-09. 3/21/2008; Danielson-CH, Behn, Schmitz
State Government HF 2390A bill for an act relating to the licensing and regulation of plumbers and mechanical professionals and providing effective dates. (Formerly HF 2139) Effective 4-16-08, with exceptions of sections 5-27 and 30-34 effective 7-01-08, and sections 28 and 29 effective 1-01-09. 3/18/2008; Danielson-CH, Horn, Zieman
State Government HF 2410A bill for an act relating to alarm system installer or contractor certification and electrician licensure provisions, and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 640) 3/18/2008; Danielson-CH, Behn, Horn
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