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  Subcommittee Assignments for Representative Tom J. Schueller

Eighty-Third General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Ways and Means HF 221A bill for an act exempting the instructional support property tax levy of a school district from being collected as part of the incremental taxes paid to a municipality for an urban renewal area and providing for the Act's applicability. 3/3/2010; Isenhart-CH, Schueller, Struyk
Rebuild Iowa and Disaster Recovery SF 2316A bill for an act relating to flood plain management. (Formerly SSB 3098.) 3/1/2010; Schueller-CH, Berry, Pettengill, Running-Marquardt, Sands
Local Government SF 2265A bill for an act establishing smart planning principles, establishing guidelines for the adoption of certain comprehensive plans and land development regulations, and providing for the establishment of a smart planning task force. (Formerly SSB 3096.) 2/23/2010; Olson, D.-CH, Grassley, Kressig, Schueller, Wagner
Economic Growth HSB 719A study bill relating to economic development by providing for the administration of certain withholding tax credits, the allocation of funds for certain job training programs, and the terms required in certain job training project agreements. 2-10-10 Subcommitee assigned, Ford, Cownie, Forristall, Jacoby, and Schueller. H.J. 323. 2/9/2010; Ford-CH, Cownie, Forristall, Jacoby, Schueller
Rebuild Iowa and Disaster Recovery HSB 707A study bill relating to the allocation, issuance, reporting, recapture, and reallocation of recovery zone bonds, and including effective date provisions. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2487) 2/8/2010; Schueller-CH, Sands, Thomas
Economic Growth HSB 670A study bill concerning allowable locations for holders of a class "E" liquor control license. 2-01-10 Subcommittee assigned, Bailey, Cownie, and Schueller. H.J. 221. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2381) 1/28/2010; Bailey-CH, Cownie, Schueller
Economic Growth HSB 666A study bill relating to the Iowa finance authority by modifying certain duties and programs of the authority and establishing a workforce housing assistance grant fund administered by the authority. 2-01-10 Subcommittee assigned, Schueller, Horbach, and Wenthe. H.J. 220. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2322) 1/28/2010; Schueller-CH, Horbach, Wenthe
Local Government HSB 635A study bill relating to the determination of city population for purposes of civil service commissions. 1-28-10 Subcommittee assigned, Burt, Schueller, and Windschitl. H.J. 198. 1/27/2010; Burt-CH, Schueller, Windschitl
Local Government HF 2143A bill for an act relating to prohibited contracts and activities for civil service commissioners. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2408) 1/27/2010; Whitead-CH, Schueller, Sorenson
Rebuild Iowa and Disaster Recovery HSB 608A study bill relating to development in five hundred year floodplains. 1-25-10 Subcommittee assigned, Schueller, Grassley, Jacoby, Sands, and Taylor. H.J. 155. 1/25/2010; Schueller-CH, Grassley, Jacoby, Sands, Taylor, T.
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