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  Subcommittee Assignments for Representative Sharon S. Steckman

Eighty-Third General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Ways and Means SF 2369A bill for an act relating to the reporting of statewide school infrastructure funding expenditures to the general assembly. (Formerly SF 2336.) 3/17/2010; Isenhart-CH, Forristall, Steckman
Ways and Means SF 2363A bill for an act relating to the technical administration of the tax and related laws by the department of revenue, including administration of income taxes, moneys and credits tax, insurance premiums tax, sales and use taxes, fees for new vehicle registration, franchise fees, and the environmental protection charge, making penalties applicable, and including retroactive applicability provisions. (Formerly SSB 3112.) 3/11/2010; Isenhart-CH, Forristall, Steckman
  • None
Ways and Means HF 2480A bill for an act authorizing creation of sales tax bonding districts and providing for the issuance of bonds secured by certain tax revenues collected within a district. (Formerly HSB 680) 3/9/2010; Thomas-CH, Forristall, Steckman
Human Resources SF 2331A bill for an act relating to participation of chiropractors in the hawk-i program. (Formerly SSB 3055.) Effective 7-1-10. 2/25/2010; Thede-CH, Alons, Steckman
Ways and Means HSB 730A study bill relating to the administration of the sales and use taxes under the streamlined sales tax agreement and including effective date provisions. 2-26-10 Subcommittee assigned, Shomshor, Sands, and Steckman. H.J. 743. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2524) 2/25/2010; Shomshor-CH, Sands, Steckman
Ways and Means HF 2305A bill for an act relating to provisions authorizing sales and use tax exemptions and refunds for a data center business, and including effective date provisions. (Formerly HSB 593) (See Cmte. Bill HF 2520) 2/25/2010; Thomas-CH, Forristall, Steckman
Ways and Means HF 2304A bill for an act providing for a sales tax exemption for purchases made by a nonprofit blood bank licensed by the federal food and drug administration. (Formerly HSB 552) 2/25/2010; Thomas-CH, Hagenow, Steckman
Ways and Means HF 2509A bill for an act relating to the utilization of minority-owned and female-owned businesses for certain public work related to the issuance of bonds and obligations and activities of certain retirement systems and requiring the treasurer of state to maintain a list of certain minority-owned and female-owned businesses. 2/25/2010; Steckman-CH, Isenhart, Pettengill
Ways and Means HF 2510A bill for an act relating to retailers maintaining a place of business in this state for purposes of the collection of sales and use taxes. 2/25/2010; Steckman-CH, Isenhart, Struyk
Human Resources SF 2156A bill for an act relating to the IowaCare program, and providing for repeals. (Formerly SSB 3073.) Effective 7-1-10. 2/22/2010; Steckman-CH, Olson, T., Upmeyer
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