outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Mary Jo Wilhelm

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Commerce SSB 3062A study bill for an act relating to surety bond requirements for fire extinguishing system and alarm system contractors and fire protection system installers and maintenance workers. 01/19/12 Bolkcom, Wilhelm, Bertrand 1/30/2012; Bolkcom-CH, Bertrand, Wilhelm
Commerce SSB 3063A study bill for an act relating to third=party payment of services provided by a doctor of chiropractic. 01/19/12 Seng, Wilhelm, Feenstra 1/30/2012; Seng-CH, Feenstra, Wilhelm
Commerce SSB 3100A study bill for an act relating to permissible forms of ownership of transmission facilities subject to a joint agreement for generating, purchasing, or otherwise acquiring electric power and energy. 01/30/12 Wilhelm, Seng, Feenstra 1/30/2012; Wilhelm-CH, Feenstra, Seng
Human Resources SSB 3080A study bill for an act relating to the renewal period for foster care licensing. 01/24/12 Wilhelm, Mathis, Boettger 1/24/2012; Wilhelm-CH, Boettger, Mathis
Human Resources SSB 3084A study bill for an act relating to medical assistance eligibility for inmates of public institutions. 01/24/12 Jochum, Wilhelm, Whitver 1/24/2012; Jochum-CH, Whitver, Wilhelm
Human Resources SSB 3054A study bill for an act relating to allowing financial supplementation to a nursing facility for provision of a private room to a recipient of medical assistance. 01/18/12 Wilhelm, Ragan, Bacon 1/18/2012; Wilhelm-CH, Bacon, Ragan
Economic Growth SSB 3014A study bill for an act relating to employee stock ownership plans by encouraging the adoption of such plans by Iowa corporations, creating an individual income tax exemption, making an appropriation, and including retroactive applicability provisions. 01/12/12 Wilhelm, Mathis, Bacon 1/17/2012; Wilhelm-CH, Bacon, Mathis
Human Resources SSB 3038A study bill for an act relating to the sealing and expungement of child abuse registry information. 01/17/12 Dotzler, Wilhelm, Whitver 1/17/2012; Dotzler-CH, Whitver, Wilhelm
Human Resources SSB 3040A study bill for an act relating to the licensed professionals authorized to prescribe respiratory care services. 01/17/12 Ragan, Wilhelm, Bacon 1/17/2012; Ragan-CH, Bacon, Wilhelm
Human Resources SSB 3042A study bill for an act relating to the exchange of information among prescription databases and monitoring programs. 01/17/12 Wilhelm, Jochum, Johnson 1/17/2012; Wilhelm-CH, Jochum, Johnson
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