outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Mary Jo Wilhelm

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Human Resources SSB 1017A study bill for an act relating to fees to fund programs to aid impaired pharmacists, pharmacist=interns, and pharmacy technicians. 01/13/11 Wilhelm, Quirmbach, Boettger 1/13/2011; Wilhelm-CH, Boettger, Quirmbach
Human Resources SSB 1018A study bill for an act relating to the Iowa prescription monitoring program and including an effective date provision. 01/13/11 Wilhelm, Quirmbach, Bacon 1/13/2011; Wilhelm-CH, Bacon, Quirmbach
Economic Growth SF 28A bill for an act relating to local and regional planning and establishing a state office of planning and geographic information systems within the department of economic development and making appropriations. 1/19/2011; Wilhelm-CH, Bacon, Bowman
Commerce SF 13A bill for an act requiring certain health benefit contracts, policies, or plans to provide coverage of tobacco use cessation programs and including applicability provisions. 1/20/2011; McCoy-CH, Behn, Wilhelm
Commerce SF 52A bill for an act eliminating the transfer tax imposed on insurers organized in other states who elect to become domestic insurers in Iowa. (See SF 109 and SF 260.) 1/20/2011; McCoy-CH, Behn, Wilhelm
Local Government SSB 1050A study bill for an act relating to the county recorder fees charged for each recorded transaction. 01/25/11 Wilhelm, Bowman, Bartz 1/25/2011; Wilhelm-CH, Bartz, Bowman
Education SF 22A bill for an act relating to community college administrator contracts. 1/26/2011; Sodders-CH, Smith, R., Wilhelm
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Local Government SSB 1061A study bill for an act relating to emergency management planning. 01/27/11 Beall, Wilhelm, Ernst 1/27/2011; Beall-CH, Ernst, Wilhelm
Human Resources SSB 1071A study bill for an act relating to programs and activities under the purview of the department of public health. 01/31/11 Wilhelm, Dvorsky, Bacon 1/31/2011; Wilhelm-CH, Bacon, Dvorsky
Education SSB 1075A study bill for an act establishing the state percent of growth for purposes of the state school foundation program and including effective date and applicability provisions. 01/31/11 Wilhelm, Schoenjahn, Hamerlinck 1/31/2011; Wilhelm-CH, Hamerlinck, Schoenjahn
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