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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Mary Jo Wilhelm

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Economic Growth SF 2222A bill for an act requiring American products to be used for public improvements, providing a penalty, and including applicability provisions. 2/20/2012; Dotzler-CH, Chelgren, Wilhelm
Human Resources HF 2226A bill for an act relating to child abuse reports and disposition data. Effective 7-1-12. 2/14/2012; Dotzler-CH, Whitver, Wilhelm
Commerce HF 2144A bill for an act relating to permissible forms of ownership of transmission facilities subject to a joint agreement for generating, purchasing, or otherwise acquiring electric power and energy. Effective 7-1-12. 2/14/2012; Wilhelm-CH, Feenstra, Seng
  • None
Economic Growth SF 2148A bill for an act creating the manufactured housing program fund. 2/14/2012; Wilhelm-CH, Sodders, Whitver
Commerce SSB 3160A study bill for an act relating to security interests in farm products, providing for fees and their expenditure, and including contingent applicability provisions. 02/14/12 Mathis, Wilhelm, Kettering 2/14/2012; Mathis-CH, Kettering, Wilhelm
Economic Growth SF 2139A bill for an act relating to economic development by creating rural opportunity zones, a student loan repayment program and fund, an individual income tax credit, and including applicability provisions. 2/9/2012; Hatch-CH, Whitver, Wilhelm
Economic Growth SF 2110A bill for an act relating to the rebate of state sales tax to the owner or operator of a baseball and softball tournament facility and movie site. (See SF 2168 and SF 2329.) 2/2/2012; Bowman-CH, Whitver, Wilhelm
Education SSB 3102A study bill for an act relating to the continuation of the Iowa early intervention block grant program and including effective date provisions. 01/30/12 Wilhelm, Bowman, Hamerlinck 1/31/2012; Wilhelm-CH, Bowman, Hamerlinck
Human Resources SSB 3111A study bill for an act relating to department of human services' evaluations of criminal or abuse records of employees of health care facilities.01/31/12 Dotzler, Wilhelm, Whitver 1/31/2012; Dotzler-CH, Whitver, Wilhelm
Economic Growth HF 2042A bill for an act requiring jobs impact statements for administrative rules. (Formerly HSB 503) 1/30/2012; Sodders-CH, Bertrand, Wilhelm
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