outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Mary Jo Wilhelm

Eighty-Third General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Ways and Means SF 362A bill for an act authorizing cities to establish storm water drainage system utility districts for purposes of special assessments. (Formerly SSB 1273, See SF 458.) 3/17/2009; Wilhelm-CH, Hamerlinck, Stewart
Human Resources HF 380A bill for an act relating to the administration of programs under the jurisdiction of the department of public health and increasing a penalty. Effective 7-01-09 with exception of section 5, effective 4-10-09. 3/17/2009; Wilhelm-CH, Bolkcom, Johnson
Human Resources SF 296A bill for an act relating to resources for families with premature infants. 3/4/2009; Bolkcom-CH, Boettger, Wilhelm
Ways and Means SF 208A bill for an act relating to the membership and administration of the Iowa propane education and research council, increasing an assessment, and providing an effective date. (Formerly SF 135.) 2/26/2009; Stewart-CH, Hamerlinck, Wilhelm
Human Resources HF 314A bill for an act relating to health-related activities and regulation by the department of public health and making penalties applicable. Effective 7-01-09. 2/26/2009; Wilhelm-CH, Johnson, Schmitz
Ways and Means SF 252A bill for an act creating an excise tax on paint, primer, and specialty finish and directing moneys to fund the childhood lead poisoning prevention program. 2/26/2009; Wilhelm-CH, Seng, Zaun
  • None
Economic Growth SSB 1251A study bill for an act relating to the availability of and eligibility for investment tax credits, eliminating the venture capital investment tax credit, and including retroactive applicability and other applicability date provisions. 02/24/09 Subcommittee: Beall,Wilhelm,Houser. SF 369. 2/24/2009; Beall-CH, Houser, Wilhelm
Human Resources SSB 1255A study bill for an act requiring a circulating nurse to be present in operating rooms during surgical procedures and providing an effective date.02/24/09 Subcommittee:Bolkcom,Wilhelm,Hartsuch. SF 394. 2/24/2009; Bolkcom-CH, Hartsuch, Wilhelm
Ways and Means SF 214A bill for an act relating to property tax exemption eligibility for methane gas conversion property and including an effective date and applicability date provision. (See SF 479.) 2/24/2009; Hogg-CH, Houser, Wilhelm
Environment & Energy Independence HF 281A bill for an act relating to the administration of the Iowa water pollution control works and drinking water facilities financing program. Effective 7-01-09. 2/19/2009; Hogg-CH, Reynolds, Wilhelm
  • None
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