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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Robert M. Hogg

Eighty-Third General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Ways and Means SSB 1320A study bill for an act relating to renewable energy by establishing an energy independence renewable energy transmission franchise process which may be used under specified circumstances, providing for an annual transmission line surcharge, and providing for renewable energy job training grants. 03/31/09 Subcommittee: Hogg, McCoy, Feenstra 3/31/2009; Hogg-CH, Feenstra, McCoy
Ways and Means SF 460A bill for an act requiring approval of the department of education for school districts to spend sales tax revenues for new construction or major renovation projects pursuant to a revenue purpose statement adopted or amended on or after July 1, 2009. 3/26/2009; Hogg-CH, Dotzler, Ward
  • None
Rebuild Iowa HF 759A bill for an act requiring counties and cities with flood hazard areas within their boundaries to participate in the national flood insurance program and requiring preparation of a flood insurance report by commissioner of insurance. Effective 7-01-09. 3/25/2009; Jochum-CH, Hamerlinck, Hogg
Appropriations SF 373A bill for an act relating to the operation and purview of the office of energy independence, by transferring authority over specified energy-related measures and programs from the department of natural resources to the office of energy independence, and providing transition provisions relating to the transfer of authority. (Formerly SSB 1262, See SF 471.) 3/24/2009; Hogg-CH, Dotzler, Dvorsky, Johnson, Kettering
Judiciary HF 726A bill for an act providing for unincorporated nonprofit associations, and providing for fees and penalties. Effective 7-01-10. 3/24/2009; Hogg-CH, Horn, Noble
Judiciary SF 415A bill for an act relating to the acquisition of title to disaster-affected abandoned property by cities in certain years and authorizing cities to establish a property rights defense account. (Formerly SSB 1301.) Effective 7-1-09. 3/18/2009; Hogg-CH, Quirmbach, Ward
Ways and Means SF 363A bill for an act relating to disaster recovery by legalizing certain actions taken and proceedings conducted by cities in response to a natural disaster, designating certain activities as essential corporate purposes, amending provisions related to local bonding authority and contract letting requirements, amending provisions relating to emergency contract letting requirements for institutions under the control of the board of regents, amending provisions related to city and county lease contracts and loan agreements, modifying provisions relating to municipal support of certain projects, and including effective date and retroactive applicability date provisions. (Formerly SSB 1239, See SF 457.) 3/17/2009; Hogg-CH, Hamerlinck, Seng
Appropriations SF 368A bill for an act directing the office of energy independence to establish a community grant program for energy efficiency projects, and allocating appropriated amounts for purposes of funding the program. (Formerly SF 172, See SF 452.) 3/17/2009; Bolkcom-CH, Feenstra, Hogg
Ways and Means SF 439A bill for an act exempting from the computation of the state individual income tax certain benefits received from the veterans trust fund and including a retroactive applicability date provision. (Formerly SSB 1300.) 3/17/2009; Seng-CH, Hogg, Ward
  • None
Environment & Energy Independence HF 468A bill for an act creating an unsewered community revolving loan program and fund. Effective 7-01-09. 3/17/2009; Stewart-CH, Hogg, Reynolds
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