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  Subcommittee Assignments for Representative Lance J. Horbach

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Local Government HF 2082A bill for an act relating to residency qualifications for memorial hospital commissioners. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2231) 1/25/2012; Horbach-CH, Gaines, Rayhons
Labor HSB 546A study bill relating to child labor requirements administered by the labor commissioner, making penalties applicable, and including effective date provisions. 2-1-12 Subcommittee assigned, Horbach, Kearns, and Klein. H.J. 182. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2227) 1/23/2012; Horbach-CH, Kearns, Klein
Commerce HSB 534A study bill for establishing regulations to permit access to surplus lines insurance in this state, and providing civil and criminal penalties, coordinating provisions, and repeals, and including effective date provisions. 1-18-12 Subcommittee assigned, Horbach, Oldson, and Pettengill. H.J. 106. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2145) 1/17/2012; Horbach-CH, Oldson, Pettengill
Labor HF 2013A bill for an act reducing the time period during which new employers are subject to the new employer contribution rate for unemployment insurance and including effective date provisions. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2103) 1/11/2012; Horbach-CH, Klein, Murphy
Labor HF 2012A bill for an act reducing the years of experience used to calculate an employer's contribution rate for unemployment insurance. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2104) 1/11/2012; Horbach-CH, Klein, Murphy
Commerce HF 2005A bill for an act relating to the retention of funds due to contractors on public improvements. 1/11/2012; Baltimore-CH, Horbach, Quirk
Local Government HF 505A bill for an act relating to public land survey corner certificates filed with the county recorder. 1/11/2012; Klein-CH, Horbach, Wittneben
  • None
Local Government HF 506A bill for an act relating to preparation and recording of public land survey corner certificates. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2101) 1/11/2012; Klein-CH, Horbach, Wittneben
Commerce HF 381A bill for an act relating to the rights of parties to private and public construction contracts and including applicability provisions. 1/10/2012; Baltimore-CH, Horbach, Olson, T.
Conference SF 510A bill for an act relating to and making appropriations to the justice system, providing penalties, and including effective and retroactive applicability date provisions. (Formerly SSB 1198.) Item veto. Various effective dates; see sections 27-29 and 47 of bill. 6/23/2011; Worthan-CH, Garrett, Horbach, Olson, T., Taylor, T.
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