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  Subcommittee Assignments for Representative Vicki Lensing

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
State Government HF 806A bill for an act relating to political campaigns by limiting campaign contributions for statewide and legislative elections and making penalties applicable. (Formerly HF 36) 1/22/2008; Jochum-CH, Boal, Kaufmann, Lensing, Wessel-Kroeschell
State Government HF 863A bill for an act regulating certain political telephone communications, applying a penalty, and providing an effective date. (Formerly HF 68) 1/22/2008; Wessel-Kroeschell-CH, Boal, Jochum, Kaufmann, Lensing
Judiciary HSB 506A study bill relating to the Iowa civil rights Act by expanding the public accommodations protections of the Act to include correctional facilities. 1-23-08 Subcommittee assigned, Lensing, Baudler, and Winckler. H.J. 103. 1/22/2008; Lensing-CH, Baudler, Winckler
State Government SF 482A bill for an act relating to the regulation of contributions for a gubernatorial inauguration and providing a penalty. (Formerly SF 266.) 1/22/2008; Lensing-CH, Pettengill, Wessel-Kroeschell
State Government HF 620A bill for an act allowing Tama county to request reimbursement for services rendered to the Sac and Fox Indian settlement and providing an effective date. 1/22/2008; Abdul-Samad-CH, Lensing, Roberts
State Government HF 447A bill for an act concerning disclosures of information by state employees to a member or employee of the general assembly. 1/22/2008; Jacoby-CH, Lensing, Roberts
State Government HF 70A bill for an act providing an appropriation to review state buildings for compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. 1/22/2008; Lensing-CH, Pettengill, Wessel-Kroeschell
State Government HSB 509A study bill relating to campaign signs and contributions. 1-25-08 Subcommittee assigned, Wessel-Kroeschell, Kaufmann, and Lensing. H.J. 126. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2219) 1/17/2008; Wessel-Kroeschell-CH, Kaufmann, Lensing
Government Oversight (Joint) HSB 313A study bill relating to the powers of the commissioner of insurance to enforce the state's insurance laws. (See Cmte. Bill HF 933) 4/18/2007; Lensing-CH, Berry, Olson, S.
State Government SF 510A bill for an act concerning electrical and mechanical amusement devices and providing penalties. (Formerly SSB 1180.) Effective 7-1-07. 4/4/2007; Quirk-CH, Abdul-Samad, Boal, Drake, Gaskill, M., Gipp, Greiner, Jacobs, Jacoby, Jochum, Kaufmann, Lensing, Miller, L., Raecker, Reasoner, Roberts, Shomshor, Taylor, T., Wendt, Wessel-Kroeschell, Whitead
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