outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Representative Vicki Lensing

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Government Oversight (Joint) HSB 788A study bill relating to student loans, including the protection of students and parents from certain lenders and institutions of higher education with conflicts of interest, establishing a student lending education fund, establishing penalties, and providing for related matters. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2690) 4/3/2008; Lensing-CH, Berry, Tymeson
Judiciary SF 2343A bill for an act relating to civil liability and other penalties for social hosts providing alcoholic beverages to persons under legal age. (Formerly SSB 3204.) 3/25/2008; Swaim-CH, Jacobs, Lensing
Judiciary SF 2364A bill for an act relating to the emancipation of a minor. (Formerly SSB 3209.) Vetoed 5-15-08. 3/24/2008; Lensing-CH, Boal, Winckler
State Government SF 2299A bill for an act creating an international trade and globalization advisory council. (Formerly SF 2239.) 3/24/2008; Lensing-CH, Abdul-Samad, Roberts
Judiciary SF 2275A bill for an act relating to domestic abuse protective orders and animals owned or held by a petitioner, respondent, or minor child of the petitioner or respondent in domestic abuse cases. (Formerly SF 2095.) 3/20/2008; Smith-CH, Lensing, Struyk
State Government SF 2355A bill for an act providing time off from work to attend presidential precinct caucuses and making penalties applicable. (Formerly SF 2188.) 3/18/2008; Jochum-CH, Jacobs, Lensing
Judiciary SF 2281A bill for an act prohibiting employment discrimination against an employee witness in certain civil proceedings. (Formerly SF 2103.) Effective 7-1-08. 3/13/2008; Winckler-CH, Jacobs, Lensing
State Government HF 2512A bill for an act relating to a searchable data base web site accessible to the public to provide data on state expenditures. 3/13/2008; Lensing-CH, Boal, Gaskill, M.
  • None
State Government HF 2504A bill for an act relating to social security numbers in public records, establishing a procedure for redaction, and providing a penalty. 3/13/2008; Lensing-CH, Gaskill, M., Roberts
  • None
State Government SF 2301A bill for an act making revisions and modifications to uniform finance procedures for bonds issued by the state. (Formerly SSB 3227.) Effective 7-1-08. 3/13/2008; Jacoby-CH, Jacobs, Lensing
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