outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Representative Bruce Hunter

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Human Resources SF 2340A bill for an act requiring certain identity documents to be provided to children subject to a court order for out-of-home placement. (Formerly SF 2285.) Effective 7-1-08. 3/18/2008; Hunter-CH, Forristall, Heddens
Public Safety SF 2132A bill for an act relating to notices regarding the disposition of seized property and providing an effective date. (Formerly SF 2012.) Effective 5-10-08. 3/19/2008; Hunter-CH, Gayman, Tjepkes
Appropriations HF 2391A bill for an act providing for the establishment of a commission on Native American affairs within the department of human rights. (Formerly HSB 616) 3/20/2008; Hunter-CH, Heaton, Oldson
  • None
Labor SF 2344A bill for an act relating to the imposition of penalty benefits in workers' compensation cases. (Formerly SSB 3257.) 3/25/2008; Hunter-CH, Horbach, Taylor, T.
Appropriations HF 2674A bill for an act concerning appropriations to the office of grants enterprise management and including an effective date provision. (Formerly HF 917) (Formerly HSB 312) Effective 5-10-08. 4/8/2008; Hunter-CH, Alons, Berry
Labor HF 2693A bill for an act pertaining to employers' participation in unemployment insurance adjudications. 4/16/2008; Taylor, T.-CH, Horbach, Hunter
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