outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Representative Bruce Hunter

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Labor SF 488A bill for an act concerning assessments for funding of municipal utility retirement systems. (Formerly SSB 1309.) 1/23/2008; Hunter-CH, Watts, Winckler
  • None
Human Resources HF 2014A bill for an act providing for a study regarding the shortage of doctors of psychiatry in Iowa. 1/24/2008; Wessel-Kroeschell-CH, Heaton, Hunter
  • None
Human Resources HF 2056A bill for an act relating to the subsidization of the personal needs allowance for residents of certain facilities. 1/24/2008; Hunter-CH, Heaton, Mascher
Public Safety SF 525A bill for an act relating to developing policies for electronically recording an interrogation of a person suspected of a crime. (Formerly SSB 1324.) 1/28/2008; Hunter-CH, Kuhn, Sands
Public Safety HSB 584A study bill relating to escape from custody by a person detained or committed as a sexually violent predator, and providing a penalty. 1-29-08 Subcommittee assigned, Hunter, Heddens, and Lukan. H.J. 145. 1/28/2008; Hunter-CH, Heddens, Lukan
Human Resources HF 2088A bill for an act identifying and prioritizing persons authorized to provide instructions and approval regarding funeral arrangements. 1/30/2008; Hunter-CH, Roberts, Wessel-Kroeschell
Public Safety HSB 520A study bill for creating a criminal offense for impeding the normal breathing or circulation of the blood of another, and providing penalties. 1-30-08 Subcommittee assigned, Gayman, Baudler, and Hunter. H.J. 159. 1/30/2008; Gayman-CH, Baudler, Hunter
Public Safety HSB 523A study bill relating to the division of criminal and juvenile justice planning of the department of human rights by making changes to the membership of the council, permitting access to the records of the department of workforce development, and modifying the sex offender treatment and supervision task force. 1-30-08 Subcommittee assigned, Swaim, Hunter, and Lukan. H.J. 159. 1/30/2008; Swaim-CH, Hunter, Lukan
Public Safety HF 2092A bill for an act relating to the issuance of permits to carry weapons. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2613) 1/30/2008; Hunter-CH, Baudler, Whitaker
Labor HSB 599A study bill relating to amusement ride safety inspections conducted by special inspectors authorized by the division of labor services in the department of workforce development. 1-31-08 Subcommittee assigned, Hunter, Van Engelenhoven, and Winckler. H.J. 174. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2326) 1/31/2008; Hunter-CH, Van Engelenhoven, Winckler
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