outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Thomas G. Courtney

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Agriculture HF 836A bill for an act providing for an equine industry promotional commission and related fund. (Formerly HSB 254) 3/27/2007; Courtney-CH, Hancock, Putney
Agriculture HF 801A bill for an act relating to the duties and powers of the state entomologist, and making penalties applicable. (Formerly HSB 236) 3/22/2007; Fraise-CH, Courtney, Mulder
  • None
Agriculture HF 547A bill for an act relating to animal pounds, by authorizing pounds to provide for temporary placement, to refer to themselves as animal shelters, and providing penalties. (Formerly HF 169) 3/15/2007; Seng-CH, Courtney, Mulder
Commerce SSB 1314A study bill for an act relating to the regulation of savings and loan associations by the division of banking of the department of commerce. 03/06/07 Subcommittee: Heckroth,Courtney,Kettering. SF 502. 3/6/2007; Heckroth-CH, Courtney, Kettering
Agriculture SF 329A bill for an act establishing the Iowa retail petroleum unfair sales Act, and providing a penalty. (See SF 475.) 3/6/2007; Courtney-CH, Black, Putney
Labor and Business Relations SSB 1308A study bill for an act relating to workers' compensation laws by regulating insurance policy exclusions and debt collection practices. 03/05/07 Subcommittee: Wieck,Courtney,Dotzler. 3/5/2007; Wieck-CH, Courtney, Dotzler
  • None
Commerce SF 242A bill for an act providing for the inclusion of energy usage information in a real estate disclosure statement. 2/27/2007; Olive-CH, Courtney, Ward
Government Oversight (Joint) SSB 1262A study bill for an act relating to whistleblower complaints received by the citizens' aide. 02/21/07 Subcommittee: Schmitz,Courtney,Connolly, Lundby,Wieck. SF 594. 2/21/2007; Schmitz-CH, Connolly, Courtney, Lundby, Wieck
Labor and Business Relations SF 182A bill for an act providing that employees should be paid based on comparable worth and making penalties applicable. (See SF 420.) 2/20/2007; Dotzler-CH, Courtney, McKinley
Labor and Business Relations SSB 1254A study bill for an act requiring the posting of close=clearance warning devices by railroads and providing a penalty. 02/20/07 Subcommittee: Dearden, Courtney, McKinley. SF 472. 2/20/2007; Dearden-CH, Courtney, McKinley
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