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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator James A. Seymour

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Veterans Affairs SF 2213A bill for an act exempting certain veterans organizations from payment of sales tax and certain fees for conducting games and raffles. 2/20/2012; Sodders-CH, Horn, Seymour
  • None
Veterans Affairs SSB 3127A study bill for an act making appropriations to the commission of veterans affairs for the provision of veterans services, and including effective date provisions. 02/02/12 Kibbie, Danielson, Seymour 2/2/2012; Kibbie-CH, Danielson, Seymour
Veterans Affairs SF 2076A bill for an act allowing the issuance of special hunting licenses to certain nonresident disabled veterans. 1/31/2012; Ragan-CH, Beall, Seymour
Veterans Affairs SSB 3068A study bill for An Act creating the hire a hero tax credit and including retroactive applicability provisions. 01/23/12 Beall, Ragan, Seymour 1/23/2012; Beall-CH, Ragan, Seymour
Veterans Affairs SSB 3010A study bill for an act relating to the duties and requirements of the department of veterans affairs and the commission of veterans affairs.01/11/12 Kibbie, Danielson, Seymour 1/11/2012; Kibbie-CH, Danielson, Seymour
Veterans Affairs HF 474A bill for an act to designate August 7 of each year as Purple Heart Day. (Formerly HF 374) Effective 7-01-11. 3/14/2011; Kibbie-CH, Black, Seymour
Veterans Affairs HF 195A bill for an act relating to assignment of visitation or physical care parenting time for children of military service members on active duty and including effective date provisions. (Formerly HF 66) Effective 4-12-11. 3/14/2011; Kibbie-CH, Ragan, Seymour
Veterans Affairs HF 363A bill for an act relating to the duties and rulemaking authority of the commission on veterans affairs. (Formerly HF 256) Effective 7-01-11. 3/14/2011; Kibbie-CH, Beall, Seymour
Veterans Affairs HF 364A bill for an act relating to veterans records managed by the department of veterans affairs. (Formerly HSB 49) Effective 7-01-11. 3/3/2011; Ragan-CH, Horn, Seymour
Veterans Affairs SSB 1173A study bill for an act creating a post=Vietnam Conflict veterans' bonus fund, providing penalties, and making appropriations. 03/01/11 Kibbie, Beall, Seymour 3/1/2011; Kibbie-CH, Beall, Seymour
  • None
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