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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Daryl Beall

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Transportation HF 2407A bill for an act relating to the annual registration fee for certain motor vehicles equipped for persons with disabilities or used by persons with wheelchairs. (Formerly HF 2110) Effective 7-01-08. 3/25/2008; Beall-CH, Heckroth, Houser
Education HF 2526A bill for an act relating to the disposition of school property. (Formerly HF 2083) Effective 7-01-08. 3/21/2008; Heckroth-CH, Beall, Zieman
Veterans Affairs HF 2283A bill for an act concerning eligibility for receiving a Vietnam Conflict veterans bonus for a certain period of active duty military service, providing a penalty, and including an effective date. (Formerly HF 2125) Effective 5-05-08. 3/13/2008; Kibbie-CH, Beall, Seymour
  • None
Education HF 2164A bill for an act relating to voluntary diversity or court-ordered school desegregation plans under the state's open enrollment law. (Formerly HSB 530) 3/12/2008; Kreiman-CH, Beall, Boettger
Economic Growth HF 2385A bill for an act relating to allowable investments by the treasurer of state and other authorized state agencies. (Formerly HSB 542) 3/12/2008; Beall-CH, Hahn, Schmitz
Veterans Affairs SF 2253A bill for an act establishing an educational assistance stipend for eligible veterans and providing an appropriation. (See SF 2358.) 3/3/2008; Beall-CH, McKinley, Warnstadt
Education SF 2273A bill for an act creating a supplementary weighting plan for school districts that have enrolled students residing in group foster care facilities and residential substance abuse treatment program facilities. 2/28/2008; Quirmbach-CH, Beall, Boettger
Education HF 2197A bill for an act recommending institutions of higher learning to provide students with specific textbook information. (Formerly HF 2015) Effective 7-01-08. 2/25/2008; Quirmbach-CH, Beall, McKinley
  • None
Economic Growth HF 2215A bill for an act relating to private activity bond allocation procedures and single-project limitations. (Formerly HSB 539) Effective 7-01-08. 2/25/2008; Beall-CH, Hahn, Schmitz
Economic Growth SF 2195A bill for an act relating to the property tax exemption for speculative shell buildings and including effective and retroactive applicability date provisions. (See SF 2315 & SF 2410.) 2/20/2008; Olive-CH, Beall, Zaun
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