outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Bill Dix

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Judiciary SSB 1010A study bill for an act relating to the appointment of judicial officers, senior judges, and clerks of the district court. 01/12/11 Hogg, Hancock, Dix 1/12/2011; Hogg-CH, Dix, Hancock
Judiciary SSB 1012A study bill for an act relating to the criminal offense of possessing contraband at a secure facility and making penalties applicable. 01/12/11 Sodders, Jochum, Dix 1/12/2011; Sodders-CH, Dix, Jochum
Judiciary SF 17A bill for an act relating to the county enforcement surcharge and increasing a fee. 1/18/2011; Sodders-CH, Dix, Hancock
State Government SSB 1019A study bill for an act authorizing and regulating savings promotion raffles, and granting licensing authority to the department of inspections and appeals. 01/13/11 Danielson, Dearden, Dix 1/18/2011; Danielson-CH, Dearden, Dix
Judiciary SF 62A bill for an act relating to the criminal offense of interference with official acts. 1/24/2011; Quirmbach-CH, Dix, Hancock
Judiciary SSB 1042A study bill for an act relating to the release and satisfaction of judgments. 01/24/11 Hogg, Dvorsky, Dix 1/24/2011; Hogg-CH, Dix, Dvorsky
Judiciary SSB 1058A study bill for an act establishing a parole procedure for certain persons serving a class "A" felony sentence. 01/26/11 Horn, Jochum, Dix 1/26/2011; Horn-CH, Dix, Jochum
State Government SSB 1068A study bill for an act relating to local and regional planning and creating a state office of planning and geographic information systems within the department of economic development and making appropriations. 01/27/11 Jochum, Sodders, Dix 1/27/2011; Jochum-CH, Dix, Sodders
Judiciary SSB 1072A study bill for an act relating to the practices and procedures of the department of public safety including the state fire service and emergency response council, the state building code commissioner, fingerprint records, disposition records, the sex offender registry, and access to deferred judgment docket records. 01/31/11 Hancock, Sodders, Dix 1/31/2011; Hancock-CH, Dix, Sodders
Judiciary SSB 1094A study bill for an act relating to the discovery of privileged medical records, including mental health records, in a criminal case and including effective date provisions. 02/07/11 Hancock, Dvorsky, Dix 2/7/2011; Hancock-CH, Dix, Dvorsky
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