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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Swati A. Dandekar

Eighty-Third General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Ways and Means SF 2336A bill for an act relating to royalty fees for removal of sand and gravel from state-owned lands and waters located on the Cedar river in certain counties. (Formerly SSB 3169; see SF 2371.) 2/17/2010; Dandekar-CH, Hamerlinck, Hogg
Commerce HF 788A bill for an act concerning alcohol beverage control, relating to minors and public intoxication or possession of alcohol and prohibiting certain liquor control, wine, or beer licensees or permittees from knowingly permitting or engaging in criminal activity in areas adjacent to the licensed premises and making penalties applicable. Effective 7-01-10. 2/8/2010; McCoy-CH, Behn, Dandekar
Commerce HF 2111A bill for an act providing notification to the department of workforce development by the secretary of state when certain business entities apply for reinstatement after dissolution to ensure certain tax obligations have been fulfilled. Effective 7-01-10. 2/2/2010; Bolkcom-CH, Dandekar, Ward
Rebuild Iowa SSB 3169A study bill for an act relating to royalty fees and credits for removal of sand and gravel from state=owned lands and waters. 01/27/10 Subcommittee: Dandekar, Horn, Feenstra 2/2/2010; Dandekar-CH, Feenstra, Horn
Transportation SF 2155A bill for an act requiring the installation of switch targets at certain locations along railroad tracks and providing a penalty. 2/2/2010; Beall-CH, Dandekar, Hahn
Commerce SF 2089A bill for An Act making the advertising and conducting of certain live music performances or productions under specified circumstances an unlawful practice, and making penalties applicable. (See SF 2347.) 1/28/2010; Dandekar-CH, McCoy, Ward
Commerce SF 2121A bill for an act authorizing the commissioner of insurance to develop individual and small employer basic benefit health care plans for certain young adults and their dependents. 1/28/2010; Rielly-CH, Dandekar, Wieck
  • None
Commerce SF 2122A bill for an act requiring certain health benefit contracts, policies, or plans to provide coverage of tobacco use cessation programs and providing an applicability date. 1/28/2010; Rielly-CH, Dandekar, Hartsuch
  • None
Commerce SSB 3155A study bill for an act providing for the licensing and regulation of real estate closing agents, making penalties applicable, and including effective date provisions. 01/26/10 Subcommittee: Dandekar, Stewart, Ward 1/27/2010; Dandekar-CH, Stewart, Ward
Commerce SF 2071A bill for an act relating to prescription drug costs and practices and making penalties applicable. 1/27/2010; Warnstadt-CH, Dandekar, Wieck
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