outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Representative James Kurtenbach

Eighty-First General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Ways and Means HSB 777A study bill relating to electronic technology in county government and providing a fee. 4-06-06 Subcommittee assigned, Kurtenbach, Huser, and Struyk. H.J. 1223. 4/6/2006; Kurtenbach-CH, Huser, Struyk
  • None
Ways and Means HSB 776A study bill relating to the policy and technical administration of the tax and related laws by the department of revenue, including administration of and tax exemptions under the income, sales, use, and property taxes, updating the streamlined sales and use tax, and including effective and retroactive applicability date provisions. 4-05-06 Subcommittee assigned, Kurtenbach, Shomshor, and Struyk. H.J. 1189. 4/5/2006; Kurtenbach-CH, Shomshor, Struyk
Ways and Means HF 2766A bill for an act creating a recreational class of property for purposes of property assessment and taxation. 3/28/2006; Kurtenbach-CH, Huser, Struyk
Ways and Means SF 2364A bill for an act relating to various matters under the purview of the insurance division of the department of commerce including the securities and regulated industries bureau, insurance premium taxes, the uniform securities Act, insurance division procedures including fees and an appropriation, regulation of insurance companies and other entities including administrative penalties, motor vehicle service contracts, county and state mutual insurance associations, reciprocal or interinsurance insurers, consolidation, merger and reinsurance contracts, insurance holding company systems, and cemeteries. Effective 7-1-06. 3/27/2006; Kurtenbach-CH, Quirk, Tomenga
Ways and Means HF 2610A bill for an act relating to historic preservation and cultural and entertainment district tax credits. (Formerly HF 2131) 3/23/2006; Soderberg-CH, Kurtenbach, Schueller
Environmental Protection SF 2381A bill for an act relating to combustion of solid waste with energy recovery. (Formerly SSB 3231.) Effective 7-1-06. 3/21/2006; Kurtenbach-CH, Shoultz, Van Fossen
Ways and Means HF 2732A bill for an act relating to certification to the county auditor of the amount of loans, advances, indebtedness, or bonds issued or incurred for urban renewal purposes. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2777) 3/21/2006; Kurtenbach-CH, Paulsen, Quirk
Ways and Means SF 98A bill for an act relating to county recorders and vital statistics record fees, and providing an effective date. (Formerly SSB 1058.) 3/21/2006; Kurtenbach-CH, Reasoner, Struyk
  • None
Ways and Means HF 2745A bill for an act relating to certified capital companies and providing a certified capital company insurance premium tax credit and penalties. (Formerly HSB 597) 3/21/2006; Kurtenbach-CH, Kaufmann, Shoultz, Soderberg
Ways and Means HSB 766A study bill relating to property taxation and local budgets by imposing requirements on those cities, counties, townships, and other property tax certifying boards that seek to increase the amount of property taxes certified for levy, requiring funding of real property-related services, changing the number of signatures necessary to protest an adopted county budget, requiring a transition for the imposition of city taxes against annexed property, abolishing county compensation boards, tying together the assessment limitations of certain classes of property, and including effective and retroactive and other applicability date provisions. 3-15-06 Subcommittee assigned, Paulsen, Carroll, Kurtenbach, Shoultz, and Winckler. H.J. 733. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2771) 3/14/2006; Paulsen-CH, Carroll, Kurtenbach, Shoultz, Winckler
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