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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Herman C. Quirmbach

Eighty-Third General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Human Resources SF 60A bill for an act relating to reimbursement for services provided under a medical assistance home and community-based services waiver for the elderly. 1/27/2009; Quirmbach-CH, Boettger, Schmitz
Local Government SF 28A bill for an act relating to the ballot proposition for approving issuance of county general obligation bonds and including effective date, validation, and retroactive applicability provisions. (See SF 45.) 1/22/2009; Schoenjahn-CH, Houser, Quirmbach
Judiciary SSB 1080A study bill for an act relating to the protection of a minor victim's identity in a criminal proceeding.01/22/09 Subcommittee:Quirmbach,Sodders,Noble 1/22/2009; Quirmbach-CH, Noble, Sodders
Judiciary SSB 1083A study bill for an act relating to notice of claims and the statute of limitation period in an action involving a claim against a special charter city.01/22/09 Subcommittee:Quirmbach,Horn,Ward 1/22/2009; Quirmbach-CH, Horn, Ward
Local Government SF 30A bill for an act relating to the abatement or refund of property taxes for certain religious, literary, and charitable societies and including effective and retroactive applicability date provisions. (See SF 43.) 1/22/2009; Quirmbach-CH, Houser, Schoenjahn
Human Resources SF 16A bill for an act relating to third-party payment of health care coverage costs for mental health conditions, including alcohol or substance abuse treatment services, and creating a mental health insurance advisory committee. 1/15/2009; Schmitz-CH, Quirmbach, Seymour
  • None
Education SF 17A bill for an act relating to the compulsory school attendance age and providing effective dates. 1/15/2009; Quirmbach-CH, Dvorsky, McKinley
  • None
Ways and Means SF 14A bill for an act relating to the sales and use tax imposed on the operation of bingo games. 1/15/2009; Jochum-CH, Feenstra, Quirmbach
Judiciary SSB 1034A study bill for an act requiring a person convicted of an aggravated misdemeanor to submit a DNA sample and providing an effective date. 01/14/09 Subcommittee:Kreiman,Quirmbach,Ward. SF 97. 1/14/2009; Kreiman-CH, Quirmbach, Ward
Education SSB 1010A study bill for an act allowing school districts to count foreign exchange pupils in certified enrollment counts for budget and funding purposes.01/13/09 Subcommittee:Beall,Quirmbach,Hamerlinck 1/13/2009; Beall-CH, Hamerlinck, Quirmbach
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