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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Herman C. Quirmbach

Eighty-Third General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Local Government SSB 1161A study bill for an act providing that a city may adopt an ordinance regulating the siting of certain confinement feeding operation structures within an unincorporated area adjacent to the city limits.02/04/09 Subcommittee:Quirmbach,Kreiman,Reynolds 2/4/2009; Quirmbach-CH, Kreiman, Reynolds
Ways and Means SF 65A bill for an act exempting the sale of wood pellets to residential customers from sales tax. 2/4/2009; Quirmbach-CH, Feenstra, Hogg
Judiciary SSB 1137A study bill for an act relating to automobile or motor vehicle insurance coverage of liability arising from uninsured, underinsured, or hit=and=run motorists.02/02/09 Subcommittee:Hogg,Quirmbach,Zaun. SF 321. 2/2/2009; Hogg-CH, Quirmbach, Zaun
Judiciary SSB 1141A study bill for an act relating to the authorized uses of local exchange service information by specified individuals and entities. 02/02/09 Subcommittee:Schoenjahn,Quirmbach,Noble. SF 154 2/2/2009; Schoenjahn-CH, Noble, Quirmbach
Judiciary SF 70A bill for an act relating to domestic abuse protective orders and animals owned or held by a petitioner, respondent, or minor child of the petitioner or respondent in domestic abuse cases. (See SF 119.) 1/28/2009; Quirmbach-CH, Boettger, Kreiman
Judiciary SSB 1124A study bill for an act relating to the practices and procedures of the department of public safety and other law enforcement agencies, including building inspections, controlled substance detection training, and criminal history data storage.01/28/09 Subcommittee:Quirmbach, Kreiman,Noble. SF 209. 1/28/2009; Quirmbach-CH, Kreiman, Noble
Judiciary SSB 1109A study bill for an act relating to the sale of a pseudoephedrine product by a pharmacy or retailer, and providing penalties and contingent applicability.01/27/09 Subcommittee:Kreiman,Quirmbach,Noble 1/27/2009; Kreiman-CH, Noble, Quirmbach
Judiciary SSB 1112A study bill for an act relating to judicial branch records and providing effective dates.01/27/09 Subcommittee:Quirmbach,Kreiman,Ward 1/27/2009; Quirmbach-CH, Kreiman, Ward
Education SF 37A bill for an act authorizing school districts to pay certain teachers a mathematics or science teacher salary supplement. 1/27/2009; Quirmbach-CH, Dvorsky, Feenstra
  • None
Education SF 36A bill for an act establishing a value-added assessment system to calculate annually the academic growth of students enrolled in school districts at grade levels three through eleven. 1/27/2009; Quirmbach-CH, Dvorsky, McKinley
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