outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Paul McKinley

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Veterans Affairs SSB 3202A study bill for an act concerning the definition of veteran.02/20/08 Subcommittee:Kibbie, Warnstadt,McKinley SF 2352. 3/3/2008; Kibbie-CH, McKinley, Warnstadt
Veterans Affairs SF 2253A bill for an act establishing an educational assistance stipend for eligible veterans and providing an appropriation. (See SF 2358.) 3/3/2008; Beall-CH, McKinley, Warnstadt
Veterans Affairs SF 2113A bill for an act requiring the department of administrative services to provide state job information to veterans. 2/13/2008; Danielson-CH, Horn, McKinley
  • None
Veterans Affairs SSB 3033A study bill for an act relating to requirements and duties of members, directors, and employees of county commissions of veteran affairs. 01/16/08 Subcommittee: Warnstadt,Kibbie,McKinley. SF 2134. 1/16/2008; Warnstadt-CH, Kibbie, McKinley
Local Government SF 86A bill for an act relating to determining which county commissioner of elections shall conduct an election for certain political subdivisions. 3/3/2008; Schoenjahn-CH, Heckroth, McKinley
Local Government SF 2247A bill for an act relating to abandoned vehicles found near bodies of water by providing for civil penalties. (See SF 2339.) 2/28/2008; Heckroth-CH, McKinley, Stewart
Local Government SSB 3174A study bill for an act relating to the authority of cities and counties to require storm shelters in manufactured home communities or mobile home parks, and providing effective and applicability dates. 02/13/08 Subcommittee:Olive,Heckroth,McKinley 2/13/2008; Olive-CH, Heckroth, McKinley
Local Government SSB 3125A study bill for an act requiring contractor review of energy efficiency alternatives prior to issuance of a building permit, license, or certificate.02/04/08 Subcommittee:Kreiman,Stewart,McKinley 2/4/2008; Kreiman-CH, McKinley, Stewart
Local Government SSB 3086A study bill for an act relating to applications for absentee ballots.01/23/08 Subcommittee: Quirmbach,Heckroth,McKinely 1/24/2008; Quirmbach-CH, Heckroth, McKinley
Local Government HF 591A bill for an act providing procedures to increase the number of city council members in certain cities. Effective 7-01-07. 3/19/2007; Rielly-CH, Beall, McKinley
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