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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Nancy J. Boettger

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Human Resources SSB 3137A study bill for an act relating to persons with mental health illnesses and substance=related disorders. 02/07/12 Hatch, Bolkcom, Ragan, Seymour, Boettger 2/7/2012; Hatch-CH, Boettger, Bolkcom, Ragan, Seymour
Human Resources SF 2103A bill for an act relating to services provided by assisted living programs. 2/2/2012; Dotzler-CH, Boettger, Jochum
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Human Resources SSB 3097A study bill for an act relating to human papillomavirus including a public awareness program and making appropriations for the public awareness program, provision of vaccinations, and cervical cancer screenings. 01/26/12 Bolkcom, Ragan, Boettger 1/31/2012; Bolkcom-CH, Boettger, Ragan
Judiciary SSB 3105A study bill for an act relating to sex offender notification, providing penalties, and including effective date provisions. 01/30/12 Dvorsky, Fraise, Boettger 1/30/2012; Dvorsky-CH, Boettger, Fraise
Human Resources SSB 3107A study bill for an act establishing a rural Iowa primary care grant and forgivable loan program to be administered by the college student aid commission, a rural Iowa primary care trust fund, and making appropriations. 01/30/12 Hatch, Quirmbach, Boettger 1/30/2012; Hatch-CH, Boettger, Quirmbach
Human Resources SF 2067A bill for an act relating to patient safety by establishing a nurse staffing plan, a collaborative nurse staffing committee, a patient safety committee, and reporting for nurses, and including effective date provisions. 1/26/2012; Hatch-CH, Boettger, Jochum
Judiciary SSB 3076A study bill for an act relating to mobile and manufactured home tenancy by providing for minimum duration of rental agreements and termination or nonrenewal of rental agreements, and modifying notice of unpaid rent and related forcible entry and detainer provisions.01/24/12 Jochum, Quirmbach, Boettger 1/24/2012; Jochum-CH, Boettger, Quirmbach
Human Resources SSB 3080A study bill for an act relating to the renewal period for foster care licensing. 01/24/12 Wilhelm, Mathis, Boettger 1/24/2012; Wilhelm-CH, Boettger, Mathis
Human Resources SSB 3082A study bill for an act relating to child support enforcement including protection of child support information. 01/24/12 Dotzler, Mathis, Boettger 1/24/2012; Dotzler-CH, Boettger, Mathis
Human Resources SSB 3041A study bill for an act making changes to the controlled substance schedules, and making penalties applicable. 01/17/12 Quirmbach, Mathis, Boettger 1/19/2012; Quirmbach-CH, Boettger, Mathis
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