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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Dick L. Dearden

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Natural Resources and Environment SSB 3162A study bill for an act requiring the department of natural resources to conduct pheasant studies, contingent on outside funding, and including a repeal. 02/15/12 Dearden, Ragan, Kapucian 2/15/2012; Dearden-CH, Kapucian, Ragan
Transportation SSB 3120A study bill for an act relating to the registration of motor trucks, truck tractors, trailers, and semitrailers and providing for apportioned registration of commercial motor vehicles under the international registration plan, and including implementation provisions. 02/01/12 McCoy, Dearden, Ernst 2/1/2012; McCoy-CH, Dearden, Ernst
Natural Resources and Environment SSB 3059A study bill for an act requiring whitetail to be tagged as farm deer. 01/19/12 Dearden, Black, Hahn 1/19/2012; Dearden-CH, Black, Hahn
  • None
Natural Resources and Environment SSB 3051A study bill for an act relating to the issuance of hunting and fishing licenses and providing for fees. 01/18/12 Dearden, Black, Hamerlinck 1/18/2012; Dearden-CH, Black, Hamerlinck
State Government SSB 3021A study bill for an act relating to the licensure of ambulatory surgical centers, providing fees and penalties, and including effective date provisions. 01/12/12 Dearden, Horn, Smith 1/12/2012; Dearden-CH, Horn, Smith, R.
Labor and Business Relations SSB 3007A study bill for an act relating to athletic events regulated by the labor commissioner, providing for fees, and making an appropriation. 01/10/12 Dotzler, Dearden, Ward 1/11/2012; Dotzler-CH, Dearden, Ward
Natural Resources and Environment SSB 3001A study bill for an act concerning the definitions of "all=terrain vehicle" and "off=road utility vehicle" for purposes of provisions administered by the department of natural resources. 01/10/12 Hancock, Dearden, Hahn 1/11/2012; Hancock-CH, Dearden, Hahn
State Government SSB 1150A study bill for an act authorizing the Iowa state fair board to establish an endowment fund to receive gifts in trust dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the Iowa state fairgrounds. 02/22/11 Dearden, Kibbie, Smith 2/22/2011; Dearden-CH, Kibbie, Smith, R.
Labor and Business Relations SSB 1141A study bill for an act requiring additional workers' compensation payments for scheduled injuries that result in a reduction in the injured employee's earning capacity. 02/21/11 Dearden, Fraise, Anderson 2/21/2011; Dearden-CH, Anderson, Fraise
  • None
Transportation SSB 1138A study bill for an act restricting the practice of parking and displaying motor vehicles for sale, hire, or rental on public or private property and providing for local enforcement. 02/17/11 Dearden, Hancock, Houser 2/17/2011; Dearden-CH, Hancock, Houser
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