outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Matt McCoy

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Local Government SSB 1181A study bill for an act relating to the powers and governance of benefited recreational lake districts, water quality districts, and combined recreational lake and water quality districts. 03/02/11 Wilhelm, Schoenjahn, Bartz 3/2/2011; Wilhelm-CH, Bacon, Bartz, Beall, Bowman, Ernst, Hamerlinck, McCoy, Quirmbach, Rielly, Schoenjahn
  • None
Commerce SSB 1172A study bill for an act relating to the regulation of indemnification provisions in construction contracts. 03/01/11 McCoy, Dandekar, Zaun 3/1/2011; McCoy-CH, Dandekar, Zaun
  • None
Commerce SSB 1176A study bill for an act relating to the utilization of energy by modifying and expanding the energy city designation program. 03/01/11 Dandekar, McCoy, Behn 3/1/2011; Dandekar-CH, Behn, McCoy
Commerce SF 322A bill for an act imposing a surcharge applicable to telecommunications carriers to administer the national federation for the blind newsline. 3/1/2011; McCoy-CH, Behn, Dandekar
Commerce SSB 1168A study bill for an act relating to residential contractors and providing a penalty. 02/28/11 Dandekar, McCoy, Behn 2/28/2011; Dandekar-CH, Behn, McCoy
Commerce SSB 1145A study bill for an act modifying provisions relating to utilization of the Iowa communications network. 02/21/11 McCoy, Dandekar, Behn 2/24/2011; McCoy-CH, Behn, Dandekar
Ways and Means SF 248A bill for an act providing for a small employer health insurance tax credit as a percentage of the federal credit and including retroactive applicability provisions. (See SF 506.) 2/23/2011; McCoy-CH, Bolkcom, Chelgren
Transportation SF 267A bill for an act relating to close clearances and safe spaces around railroad tracks and railroad facilities, and providing penalties and including effective date provisions. 2/22/2011; McCoy-CH, Beall, Houser
Commerce SSB 1139A study bill for an act relating to the licensing and regulation of real estate brokers and salespersons. 02/21/11 Dandekar, McCoy, Zaun 2/21/2011; Dandekar-CH, McCoy, Zaun
Commerce SSB 1143A study bill for an act relating to hearings conducted with regard to petitions for an electric transmission line franchise. 02/21/11 McCoy, Dandekar, Behn 2/21/2011; McCoy-CH, Behn, Dandekar
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