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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Wally E. Horn

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Judiciary SSB 3177A study bill for an act establishing the criminal offense of sexual abuse in the fourth degree, making related changes to sexual abuse in the third degree, providing penalties, and including retroactive and other applicability provisions. 02/20/12 Fraise,Co-Chair, Boettger, Co-Chair, Horn, Jochum, Dix 2/20/2012; Boettger-CH, Fraise-CH, Dix, Horn, Jochum
State Government SSB 3164A study bill for an act authorizing licensees authorized to conduct gambling games on an excursion boat, gambling structure, or racetrack enclosure to operate internet wagering on poker and making penalties applicable. 02/15/12 Danielson, Horn, Bertrand 2/15/2012; Danielson-CH, Bertrand, Horn
Veterans Affairs SSB 3156A study bill for an act permitting the temporary allocation and use of moneys in the veterans trust fund for cemetery grant development purposes. 02/14/12 Black, Horn, Ernst 2/14/2012; Black-CH, Ernst, Horn
  • None
Judiciary SSB 3132A study bill for an act relating to civil actions relating to real estate, including mortgage foreclosure actions. 02/07/12 Horn, Hogg, Sorenson 2/7/2012; Horn-CH, Hogg, Sorenson
State Government SSB 3114A study bill for an act providing for the licensing of polysomnographic technologists and providing for a penalty. 01/31/12 Sodders, Horn, Smith 1/31/2012; Sodders-CH, Horn, Smith, R.
Judiciary SSB 3106A study bill for an act enhancing the criminal penalty for an assault on a public transit bus operator, and providing penalties. 01/30/12 Dvorsky, Horn, Sorenson 1/30/2012; Dvorsky-CH, Horn, Sorenson
Veterans Affairs SSB 3081A study bill for an act relating to the department of public defense by making changes regarding the Iowa military code and military service, including terminology modifications and leases entered into by the department of public defense and the armory board, and including effective date provisions. 01/24/12 Ragan, Horn, Ernst 1/25/2012; Ragan-CH, Ernst, Horn
Judiciary SSB 3074A study bill for an act relating to certain multiple driving=related convictions for one continuous act of driving.01/24/12 Horn, Hancock, Dix 1/24/2012; Horn-CH, Dix, Hancock
Judiciary SSB 3030A study bill for an act relating to the compilation of a presentence investigation report in a criminal proceeding. 01/17/12 Jochum, Horn, Boettger 1/17/2012; Jochum-CH, Boettger, Horn
Judiciary SSB 3029A study bill for an act requiring a person convicted of or receiving a deferred judgment for an aggravated misdemeanor to submit a DNA sample and including a contingent effective date. 01/17/12 Sodders, Horn, Whitver 1/17/2012; Sodders-CH, Horn, Whitver
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