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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Joni Ernst

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Veterans Affairs SF 2190A bill for an act relating to county commissions of veteran affairs. 2/20/2012; Black-CH, Danielson, Ernst
  • None
Transportation SSB 3165A study bill for an act relating to motorcycle dealer activities at motorcycle rallies and to the definition of travel trailer for purposes of travel trailer dealer requirements. 02/15/12 Bowman, Beall, Ernst 2/16/2012; Bowman-CH, Beall, Ernst
Veterans Affairs SSB 3156A study bill for an act permitting the temporary allocation and use of moneys in the veterans trust fund for cemetery grant development purposes. 02/14/12 Black, Horn, Ernst 2/14/2012; Black-CH, Ernst, Horn
  • None
Veterans Affairs SSB 3157A study bill for an act requiring that a veteran be seriously injured or very seriously injured in order to be eligible to receive a grant under the injured veterans grant program. 02/14/12 Ragan, Danielson, Ernst 2/14/2012; Ragan-CH, Danielson, Ernst
Local Government SF 2137A bill for an act relating to certain property taxes for joint county-city buildings and including applicability provisions. Effective 7-1-12. 2/9/2012; Beall-CH, Courtney, Ernst
Veterans Affairs SSB 3150A study bill for an act requiring a study and report on the establishment of a dual diagnosis treatment program for posttraumatic stress at the Iowa veterans home. 02/09/12 Sodders, Ragan, Ernst 2/9/2012; Sodders-CH, Ernst, Ragan
Local Government SSB 3138A study bill for an act relating to the powers and duties of county treasurers related to real property by modifying provisions for the payment of taxes and assessments in installments, modifying provisions providing for the apportionment of installment payments on delinquent taxes, modifying certain tax payment provisions following a tax sale, and specifying procedures for the payment of certain prorated taxes and assessments following a real estate transaction. 02/07/12 Bowman, Beall, Ernst 2/7/2012; Bowman-CH, Beall, Ernst
Transportation SF 2063A bill for an act relating to the operation of certain all-terrain vehicles on streets and highways upon registration with the department of transportation, providing a registration fee, and providing penalties. 2/1/2012; Hancock-CH, Danielson, Ernst
Transportation SSB 3120A study bill for an act relating to the registration of motor trucks, truck tractors, trailers, and semitrailers and providing for apportioned registration of commercial motor vehicles under the international registration plan, and including implementation provisions. 02/01/12 McCoy, Dearden, Ernst 2/1/2012; McCoy-CH, Dearden, Ernst
Transportation SSB 3109A study bill for an act relating to matters under the purview of the department of transportation, including provisions concerning the regulation of motor vehicles and motor vehicle dealers, the licensing and regulation of motor vehicle operators, and administrative reporting requirements, providing penalties, and including effective date provisions. 01/30/12 Danielson, Bowman, Ernst 1/30/2012; Danielson-CH, Bowman, Ernst
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