outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Amanda Ragan

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Veterans Affairs SF 79A bill for an act relating to assignment of visitation or joint physical care parenting time for children of military service members on active duty. (See SF 198.) 1/25/2011; Kibbie-CH, Ragan, Seymour
Natural Resources and Environment SF 80A bill for an act relating to raccoon hunting. (See SF 130.) 1/25/2011; Dearden-CH, Behn, Ragan
Natural Resources and Environment SF 54A bill for an act allowing the operation of certain motorboats on lake Macbride at any time. 1/20/2011; Ragan-CH, Kapucian, Schoenjahn
Human Resources SF 32A bill for an act extending the repeal date for the prevention of disabilities policy council. (See SF 175.) 1/19/2011; Jochum-CH, Johnson, Ragan
Natural Resources and Environment SF 21A bill for an act concerning the size of game bird only hunting preserves. 1/13/2011; Schoenjahn-CH, Ragan, Sorenson
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