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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Amanda Ragan

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Appropriations SSB 3297A study bill for an act relating to and making appropriations for health and human services and including other related provisions and appropriations, making penalties applicable and providing effective, retroactive, and applicability date provisions.04/07/08 Subcommittee:Hatch,Ragan,Dvorsky,Seymour,Johnson. SF 2425. 4/7/2008; Hatch-CH, Dvorsky, Johnson, Ragan, Seymour
Human Resources HF 2603A bill for an act authorizing certain advanced registered nurse practitioners and psychiatrists to file certain periodic court reports on chronic substance abusers and persons with mental illness who do not require full-time placement in a treatment facility. (Formerly HSB 588) 3/27/2008; Wood-CH, Ragan, Seymour
  • None
Natural Resources and Environment HF 2440A bill for an act providing an exemption for certain military personnel and veterans from a requirement to complete a hunter safety and ethics education course before obtaining a hunting license. (Formerly HF 2093) 3/25/2008; Ragan-CH, Noble, Schoenjahn
Human Resources HF 2648A bill for an act relating to criminal and abuse records of prospective and current employees of licensed hospitals and health care facilities and certain health-related programs and services and providing penalties. (Formerly HSB 637) 3/25/2008; Wood-CH, Ragan, Seymour
Appropriations SF 2391A bill for an act relating to renewable fuel, including by providing for infrastructure associated with storing, blending, and dispensing renewable fuel, providing standards for renewable fuel, providing for state purchases of renewable fuel, and providing an effective date. (Formerly SSB 3198.) (See SF 2412.) 3/24/2008; Ragan-CH, Boettger, Fraise, Hancock, Johnson
Human Resources HF 2328A bill for an act relating to services associated with the family investment program by moving the family development and self-sufficiency council and grant program to the department of human rights and revising confidentiality provisions involving the programs. (Formerly HSB 638) 3/21/2008; Ragan-CH, Boettger, Schmitz
Appropriations HF 2539A bill for an act relating to health care reform including health care coverage intended for children and adults, health information technology, long-term living planning and patient autonomy in health care, preexisting conditions and dependent children coverage, medical homes, prevention and chronic care management, disease prevention and wellness initiatives, health care transpar health care access, the direct care workforce, making appropriations, and including effective date and applicability provisions. (Formerly HSB 737) Effective 7-01-08, with exception of section 67 and Division XV effective 5-13-08. 3/12/2008; Hatch-CH, Dvorsky, Johnson, Kettering, Ragan
Human Resources HF 2372A bill for an act limiting the scope of the electronic benefits transfer program maintained by the department of human services. (Formerly HSB 676) 3/12/2008; Wood-CH, Boettger, Ragan
Appropriations SF 2265A bill for an act providing for establishment of a mental health services system for children and youth. (Formerly SSB 3185.) 2/28/2008; Bolkcom-CH, Dvorsky, Johnson, Ragan, Seymour
  • None
Natural Resources and Environment SF 2225A bill for an act relating to the disposal of solid waste in sanitary landfills by prohibiting the final disposal of mercury-containing lamps. (See SF 2321.) 2/21/2008; Bolkcom-CH, Behn, Ragan
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