outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Representative Ron Jorgensen

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Human Resources HSB 89A study bill relating to investigative costs of the Medicaid fraud control unit. 2-14-11 Subcommittee assigned, L. Miller, Jorgensen, and Winckler. H.J. 321. (See Cmte. Bill HF 389) 2/14/2011; Miller, L.-CH, Jorgensen, Winckler
Education HF 264A bill for an act relating to foreign language unit requirements under the educational standards applicable to school districts. 2/14/2011; Taylor, J.-CH, Abdul-Samad, Jorgensen
State Government HF 103A bill for an act relating to the duties and operations of the state commission of libraries, the division of libraries and information services, and the library service areas. (See Cmte. Bill HF 456) 2/9/2011; Koester-CH, Jorgensen, Mascher
State Government HSB 34A study bill relating to the licensure of orthotists, prosthetists, and pedorthists and providing for fees and penalties. 2/8/2011; Jorgensen-CH, Koester, Wenthe
Human Resources HF 191A bill for an act relating to due process requirements associated with child abuse assessments performed by the department of human services and providing penalties. 2/8/2011; Fry-CH, Hunter, Jorgensen
Labor HF 206A bill for an act concerning public employee collective bargaining and including applicability provisions. 2/7/2011; Jorgensen-CH, Hanusa, Willems
State Government HF 30A bill for an act relating to licensing board rules concerning the scope of practice of licensed professions. 2/7/2011; Rogers-CH, Jorgensen, Mascher
  • None
State Government HF 68A bill for an act relating to access to residential buildings or communities for campaign purposes, and making penalties applicable. 2/7/2011; Koester-CH, Gaskill, Jorgensen
State Government HF 98A bill for an act concerning persons voluntarily excluded from gambling facilities. 2/7/2011; Rogers-CH, Jorgensen, Wenthe
State Government HF 187A bill for an act relating to independent expenditures in campaigns and providing for a penalty. 2/7/2011; Drake-CH, Jorgensen, Kajtazovic
  • None
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