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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator E. Gaskill

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Natural Resources and Environment SF 100A bill for an act requiring certain Iowa national pollutant discharge elimination system program permit holders to post signs at discharge points and providing a penalty. 2/6/2007; Bolkcom-CH, Gaskill, Hogg
State Government SSB 1173A study bill for an act relating to campaign finance by requiring electronic filing of certain reports and by establishing an Iowa voter=owned clean elections Act, providing for funding of the Act, including an income tax checkoff and a sales tax imposed on political advertising, and providing an income tax exemption, penalties, and an effective date.02/06/07 Subcommittee: Connolly,Kibbie,Appel,Kettering,Gaskill. SF 553. 2/6/2007; Connolly-CH, Appel, Gaskill, Kettering, Kibbie
State Government SSB 1180A study bill for an act concerning electrical and mechanical amusement devices and providing penalties. 02/06/07 Subcommittee: Wood,Kibbie,Gaskill. SF 510. 2/6/2007; Wood-CH, Gaskill, Kibbie
Natural Resources and Environment SSB 1112A study bill for an act regulating the administration of drugs to certain noncaptive vertebrate wildlife and providing a penalty. 01/25/07 Subcommittee: Seng,Gaskill,Wood. SF 253. 1/25/2007; Seng-CH, Gaskill, Wood
State Government SSB 1086A study bill for an act relating to the disposition of certain unclaimed property.01/24/07 Subcommittee:Horn,Kibbie,Gaskill. SF 202.) 1/24/2007; Horn-CH, Gaskill, Kibbie
State Government SF 28A bill for an act concerning specifications for agreements entered into for joint exercise of governmental powers and including an effective date and applicability date provision. 1/22/2007; Black-CH, Gaskill, Schmitz
  • None
Natural Resources and Environment SSB 1067A study bill for an act relating to regulation of the harvesting of commercial fish, turtles, and freshwater mussels and providing for fees and penalties.01/18/07 Subcommittee:Seng,Gaskill,Wood. SF 250. SF 591. 1/22/2007; Seng-CH, Gaskill, Wood
State Government SSB 1030A study bill for an act providing for the registration of associate real estate appraisers, prohibiting improper influence over an appraiser's evaluation opinion, and imposing a penalty. 01/16/07 Subcommittee: Wood,Hatch,Gaskill. SF 137. 1/16/2007; Wood-CH, Gaskill, Hatch
State Government SF 7A bill for an act allowing cash prizes at annual game nights conducted by qualified organizations representing volunteer emergency services providers. 1/10/2007; Danielson-CH, Gaskill, Kibbie
Agriculture SSB 1001A study bill for an act providing for the regulation of packers and the purchase of swine from producers, and providing for penalties. 01/09/07 Subcommittee: Kibbie, Fraise, Olive, Gaskill, Mulder. SF 504. 1/9/2007; Kibbie-CH, Fraise, Gaskill, Mulder, Olive
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