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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator E. Gaskill

Eighty-Second General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Natural Resources and Environment SF 280A bill for an act relating to youth deer hunting licenses. (See SF 435.) 2/26/2007; Hancock-CH, Dearden, Gaskill
Natural Resources and Environment SF 239A bill for an act relating to the exercise of regulatory authority by the department of natural resources and the natural resource commission within the boundaries of the Sac and Fox tribe settlement in Tama county, and providing for applicability and effective dates. (See SF 304.) 2/22/2007; Black-CH, Gaskill, Hancock
Agriculture SSB 1267A study bill for an act relating to cooperative associations, by providing for documentation, including certificates and statements. 02/21/07 Subcommittee: Fraise,Olive,Gaskill. SF 319. 2/21/2007; Fraise-CH, Gaskill, Olive
Appropriations SSB 1248A study bill for an act relating to and making appropriations involving state government, including provisions affecting agriculture and natural resources. 02/20/07 Subcommittee: Seng,Black,Dvorsky,Gaskill,Angelo. 2/20/2007; Seng-CH, Angelo, Black, Dvorsky, Gaskill
  • None
State Government SSB 1258A study bill for an act relating to membership on election boards. 02/20/07 Subcommittee: Kibbie,Appel,Gaskill. SF 411. 2/20/2007; Kibbie-CH, Appel, Gaskill
Natural Resources and Environment SSB 1245A study bill for an act relating to the regulation of snowmobiles and all=terrain vehicles, and providing fees and penalties. 02/19/07 Subcommittee: Hancock,Schoenjahn,Gaskill. 2/19/2007; Hancock-CH, Gaskill, Schoenjahn
State Government SSB 1228A study bill for an act concerning gambling games on gambling structures. 02/14/07 Subcommittee: Connolly,Kibbie,Gaskill. SF 263. 2/14/2007; Connolly-CH, Gaskill, Kibbie
Natural Resources and Environment SSB 1224A study bill for an act providing for an increase in the wildlife habitat fee, making an appropriation, and creating an upland game bird habitat development program. 02/14/07 Subcommittee: Dearden,Hancock,Gaskill. SF 255. 2/14/2007; Dearden-CH, Gaskill, Hancock
Appropriations SF 113A bill for an act appropriating moneys to support the purchase of equipment to conduct testing of motor fuel and biofuel. 2/8/2007; Dvorsky-CH, Gaskill, Hogg
  • None
Natural Resources and Environment SF 77A bill for an act creating a department of environmental protection. (See SF 309.) 2/6/2007; Black-CH, Dearden, Gaskill, Hancock, Kettering
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