outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Representative Joshua Byrnes

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Education HF 37A bill for an act relating to participation in varsity interscholastic athletic contests and competitions by high school students participating in open enrollment. 1/18/2011; Schulte-CH, Abdul-Samad, Byrnes
Economic Growth/Rebuild Iowa HF 61A bill for an act relating to agreements concerning disadvantaged workers under the industrial new jobs training program. 1/19/2011; Byrnes-CH, Running-Marquardt, Schultz
  • None
Ways and Means HF 4A bill for an act providing for a reduction in the individual income tax rates and including effective date and applicability provisions. (See Cmte. Bill HF 194) 1/20/2011; Helland-CH, Byrnes, Jacoby
Education HF 77A bill for an act relating to school district dress code policies and including effective date provisions. (See Cmte. Bill HF 212) 1/20/2011; Taylor, J.-CH, Byrnes, Kelley
Ways and Means HSB 41A study bill for establishing a school district property tax relief supplement for certain fiscal years, making an appropriation, and including effective date and applicability provisions. 1-27-11 Subcommittee assigned, Byrnes, Oldson, and J. Taylor. H.J. 189. (See Cmte. Bill HF 189) 1/26/2011; Byrnes-CH, Oldson, Taylor, J.
Ways and Means HSB 45A study bill for excluding from the computation of net income capital gains realized from the sale of all or substantially all of the equity interests in certain businesses and including retroactive applicability provisions. 2-01-11 Subcommittee assigned, Byrnes, Petersen, and Pettengill. H.J. 204. 1/31/2011; Byrnes-CH, Petersen, Pettengill
Education HSB 47A study bill relating to the exercise by school districts of any broad and implied powers except as expressly prohibited by the Constitution of the State of Iowa or by statute. 2-01-11 Subcommittee assigned, Byrnes, Hanusa, and Mascher. H.J. 204. (See Cmte. Bill HF 260) 1/31/2011; Byrnes-CH, Hanusa, Mascher
Education HF 143A bill for an act limiting administrator compensation by an area education agency. 1/31/2011; Byrnes-CH, Hanusa, Winckler
  • None
Environmental Protection HF 131A bill for an act repealing provisions establishing an environmentally preferable cleaning policy applicable to specified state buildings and educational institutions, and including effective date provisions. 2/1/2011; Byrnes-CH, Isenhart, Klein
Education HF 167A bill for an act relating to independent accreditation of nonpublic schools. (See Cmte. Bill HF 583) 2/2/2011; Dolecheck-CH, Byrnes, Winckler
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