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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Roby Smith

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Education SSB 3166A study bill for an act establishing an internet site to distribute information regarding internship opportunities in Iowa. 02/15/12 Quirmbach, Beall, Smith 2/15/2012; Quirmbach-CH, Beall, Smith, R.
State Government SSB 3129A study bill for an act establishing a limited license to conduct raffles by a qualified person. 02/02/12 Danielson, Sodders, Smith 2/2/2012; Danielson-CH, Smith, R., Sodders
State Government SSB 3114A study bill for an act providing for the licensing of polysomnographic technologists and providing for a penalty. 01/31/12 Sodders, Horn, Smith 1/31/2012; Sodders-CH, Horn, Smith, R.
State Government SSB 3095A study bill for an act providing for charitable food donations to food banks, including by providing for appropriations and a tax credit and including applicability provisions. 01/24/12 Danielson, Hatch, Smith 1/25/2012; Danielson-CH, Hatch, Smith, R.
State Government SSB 3094A study bill for an act concerning the municipal fire and police retirement system and including effective date and applicability provisions. 01/24/12 Kibbie, Danielson, Smith 1/25/2012; Kibbie-CH, Danielson, Smith, R.
  • None
Ways and Means SSB 3045A study bill for an act relating to the administration of the streamlined sales tax agreement by the department of revenue. 01/17/12 Dotzler, Mathis, Smith 1/17/2012; Dotzler-CH, Mathis, Smith, R.
State Government SSB 3021A study bill for an act relating to the licensure of ambulatory surgical centers, providing fees and penalties, and including effective date provisions. 01/12/12 Dearden, Horn, Smith 1/12/2012; Dearden-CH, Horn, Smith, R.
State Government SSB 3016A study bill for an act establishing a federal=state agreement administration fund for purposes of funding the duties of the state's social security administrator and providing an appropriation. 01/12/12 Kibbie, McCoy, Smith 1/12/2012; Kibbie-CH, McCoy, Smith, R.
Education SSB 3003A study bill for an act requiring background checks for school bus drivers, providing for fees, and making penalties applicable. 01/10/12 Dvorsky, Beall, Smith 1/12/2012; Dvorsky-CH, Beall, Smith, R.
Education SSB 3002A study bill for an act relating to mandatory reporting of school employee misconduct to the board of educational examiners. 01/10/12 Bowman, Schoenjahn, Smith 1/12/2012; Bowman-CH, Schoenjahn, Smith, R.
  • None
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