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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Bill Anderson

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Ways and Means SF 280A bill for an act relating to fees to fund programs to aid impaired pharmacists, pharmacist-interns, and pharmacy technicians. (Formerly SSB 1017; see SF 513.) 3/1/2011; Dotzler-CH, Anderson, Dandekar
Ways and Means SF 338A bill for an act relating to incentives for wind energy production and development. 3/1/2011; Hogg-CH, Anderson, Bolkcom
  • None
Commerce SSB 1166A study bill for an act relating to charity beer and wine auctions, by authorizing spirits to be included in an auction. 02/28/11 Dandekar, Wilhelm, Anderson 2/28/2011; Dandekar-CH, Anderson, Wilhelm
Commerce SSB 1167A study bill for an act relating to activities of licensed private investigation businesses in regard to abandoned property. 02/28/11 Dandekar, Courtney, Anderson 2/28/2011; Dandekar-CH, Anderson, Courtney
Commerce SF 304A bill for an act creating a child and school communication protection registry, providing for a fee, creating a fund, providing an appropriation, and providing a penalty. 2/24/2011; Courtney-CH, Anderson, Beall, Feenstra, Schoenjahn
Ways and Means SF 237A bill for an act relating to community development by allocating tax credits for redevelopment of brownfields and grayfields and by making an appropriation for certain community partnership programs designed to support community beautification projects. (Formerly SF 178; see SF 514.) 2/23/2011; Dotzler-CH, Anderson, Dandekar
Labor and Business Relations SSB 1141A study bill for an act requiring additional workers' compensation payments for scheduled injuries that result in a reduction in the injured employee's earning capacity. 02/21/11 Dearden, Fraise, Anderson 2/21/2011; Dearden-CH, Anderson, Fraise
  • None
Labor and Business Relations SSB 1122A study bill for an act relating to unemployment compensation extended benefits and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions. 02/16/11 Jochum, Hatch, Anderson 2/16/2011; Jochum-CH, Anderson, Hatch
Ways and Means SF 169A bill for an act relating to the family farm property tax credit by providing for eligible entities and including effective date and applicability provisions. (See SF 530.) 2/14/2011; Quirmbach-CH, Anderson, Dotzler
Commerce SSB 1098A study bill for an act relating to prohibited concealments, suppressions, or omissions of material facts in connection with new motor vehicle repairs. 02/09/11 Anderson, Dandekar, Wilhelm 2/9/2011; Anderson-CH, Dandekar, Wilhelm
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