outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Bill Anderson

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Commerce SSB 3158A study bill for an act relating to boiler inspections. 02/14/12 McCoy, Courtney, Anderson 2/14/2012; McCoy-CH, Anderson, Courtney
Commerce SSB 3123A study bill for an act authorizing charitable auctions for alcoholic spirits. 02/02/12 McCoy, Bolkcom, Anderson 2/2/2012; McCoy-CH, Anderson, Bolkcom
Commerce SSB 3101A study bill for an act concerning applications for liquor control licenses and micro=distilled spirits, beer, and wine permits. 01/30/12 Schoenjahn, Rielly, Anderson 1/30/2012; Schoenjahn-CH, Anderson, Rielly
Commerce SSB 3098A study bill for an act relating to service of notice by mail for holders of a property tax sale certificate of purchase. 01/30/12 Mathis, Courtney, Anderson 1/30/2012; Mathis-CH, Anderson, Courtney
Commerce SSB 3066A study bill for an act relating to various matters under the purview of the insurance division of the department of commerce, providing penalties, and including effective date provisions. 01/19/12 Rielly, McCoy, Anderson 1/30/2012; Rielly-CH, Anderson, McCoy
Ways and Means SSB 3048A study bill for an act relating to an income tax checkoff for the anatomical gift public awareness and transplantation fund, making an appropriation, and including retroactive applicability provisions.01/18/12 Bolkcom, Mathis, Anderson 1/18/2012; Bolkcom-CH, Anderson, Mathis
  • None
Labor and Business Relations SSB 3005A study bill for an act relating to unemployment insurance employer charges and claimant misrepresentation regarding benefit overpayments, providing a penalty, and including applicability provisions. 01/10/12 Dotzler, Jochum, Anderson 1/11/2012; Dotzler-CH, Anderson, Jochum
  • None
Ways and Means SSB 1204A study bill for an act relating to the administration of the property rehabilitation tax credit program by the department of cultural affairs and including retroactive applicability provisions. 03/30/11 Dotzler, Jochum, Anderson 3/30/2011; Dotzler-CH, Anderson, Jochum
Commerce SSB 1167A study bill for an act relating to activities of licensed private investigation businesses in regard to abandoned property. 02/28/11 Dandekar, Courtney, Anderson 2/28/2011; Dandekar-CH, Anderson, Courtney
Commerce SSB 1166A study bill for an act relating to charity beer and wine auctions, by authorizing spirits to be included in an auction. 02/28/11 Dandekar, Wilhelm, Anderson 2/28/2011; Dandekar-CH, Anderson, Wilhelm
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