outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Robert Bacon

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
Human Resources SSB 1084A study bill for an act relating to social work, including the licensure of social workers and the creation of a licensed social worker loan repayment program and a revolving fund. 02/03/11 Jochum, Ragan, Bacon 2/3/2011; Jochum-CH, Bacon, Ragan
Human Resources SSB 1071A study bill for an act relating to programs and activities under the purview of the department of public health. 01/31/11 Wilhelm, Dvorsky, Bacon 1/31/2011; Wilhelm-CH, Bacon, Dvorsky
Human Resources SF 111A bill for an act relating to eligibility under the healthy and well kids in Iowa program, and including effective date provisions. 1/27/2011; Hatch-CH, Bacon, Bolkcom
Local Government SSB 1053A study bill for an act relating to the determination of city population for purposes of civil service commissions. 01/25/11 Rielly, Schoenjahn, Bacon 1/25/2011; Rielly-CH, Bacon, Schoenjahn
Economic Growth SF 84A bill for an act providing for the placement of a right-to-work notice on department of economic development materials. 1/25/2011; Sodders-CH, Bacon, Dotzler
  • None
Human Resources SF 60A bill for an act relating to the use of bisphenol A in certain products and providing penalties. (See SF 405.) 1/24/2011; Bolkcom-CH, Bacon, Dvorsky
Human Resources SSB 1039A study bill for an act allowing an advanced registered nurse practitioner to sign a death certificate. 01/24/11 Jochum, Dotzler, Bacon 1/24/2011; Jochum-CH, Bacon, Dotzler
Human Resources SSB 1030A study bill for an act relating to the penalty for the unlawful practice of dentistry. 01/19/11 Dvorsky, Jochum, Bacon 1/19/2011; Dvorsky-CH, Bacon, Jochum
Economic Growth SF 28A bill for an act relating to local and regional planning and establishing a state office of planning and geographic information systems within the department of economic development and making appropriations. 1/19/2011; Wilhelm-CH, Bacon, Bowman
Human Resources SSB 1018A study bill for an act relating to the Iowa prescription monitoring program and including an effective date provision. 01/13/11 Wilhelm, Quirmbach, Bacon 1/13/2011; Wilhelm-CH, Bacon, Quirmbach
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