outdoor view of capitol Iowa Legislature - General Assembly
  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Rick Bertrand

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
State Government SSB 3089A study bill for an act relating to city regulation of sprinkler systems in rental housing. 01/24/12 Danielson, Fraise, Bertrand 1/25/2012; Danielson-CH, Bertrand, Fraise
Economic Growth SSB 3072A study bill for an act relating to economic development by making technical and policy changes related to environmental response projects and to certain programs administered by the economic development authority and including retroactive applicability provisions. 01/23/12 Sodders, Dotzler, Bertrand 1/23/2012; Sodders-CH, Bertrand, Dotzler
Commerce SF 64A bill for an act requiring certain group health insurance policies, contracts, or plans to provide coverage for autism spectrum disorders for certain persons, requiring certification of behavior specialists, providing for a repeal, and including applicability and effective date provisions. 1/18/2012; Rielly-CH, Beall, Bertrand
Commerce SF 95A bill for an act relating to coverage of religious or spiritually based health or medical care and including applicability provisions. 1/18/2012; Bertrand-CH, McCoy, Rielly
State Government SSB 1064A study bill for an act concerning live dog racing at pari=mutuel dog racetracks, establishing fees, and including effective date provisions. 01/27/11 Horn, Hatch, Behn 1/18/2012; Horn-CH, Bertrand, Hatch
State Government HF 484A bill for an act concerning investment of certain public funds in companies doing business in Iran by the treasurer of state, public retirement systems in Iowa, and the state board of regents. (Formerly HSB 141) Effective 7-01-11. 1/12/2012; Kibbie-CH, Bertrand, Horn
State Government SSB 3017A study bill for an act concerning the frequency of reporting and distribution of proceeds requirements for certain qualified organizations licensed to conduct social and charitable gambling. 01/12/12 Danielson, Jochum, Bertrand 1/12/2012; Danielson-CH, Bertrand, Jochum
State Government SF 2011A bill for an act relating to the membership of the statewide interoperable communications system board. 1/12/2012; Jochum-CH, Bertrand, Danielson
State Government SF 2013A bill for an act designating a single point of contact for the communication of public safety communications needs, issues, and concerns. 1/12/2012; Sodders-CH, Bertrand, Dearden
  • None
Labor and Business Relations SSB 3006A study bill for an act relating to child labor requirements administered by the labor commissioner, making penalties applicable, and including effective date provisions. 01/10/12 Hatch, Jochum, Bertrand 1/11/2012; Hatch-CH, Bertrand, Jochum
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