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  Subcommittee Assignments for Senator Rick Bertrand

Eighty-Fourth General Assembly

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Committee Bill Bill Title Summary Meetings
State Government SSB 3164A study bill for an act authorizing licensees authorized to conduct gambling games on an excursion boat, gambling structure, or racetrack enclosure to operate internet wagering on poker and making penalties applicable. 02/15/12 Danielson, Horn, Bertrand 2/15/2012; Danielson-CH, Bertrand, Horn
Economic Growth SF 2162A bill for an act relating to the state housing credit ceiling allocation and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions. 2/14/2012; Sodders-CH, Bertrand, Mathis
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Commerce SF 2128A bill for an act requiring certain group health insurance policies, contracts, or plans to provide coverage for autism spectrum disorders for certain persons, providing for a repeal, and including applicability and effective date provisions. 2/14/2012; Beall-CH, Bertrand, Bolkcom
Commerce SSB 3124A study bill for an act relating to credit unions, including methods of voting by credit union members and the board of directors, electronic communications to certain credit union members, the composition of the board of directors, assessment of fees for examination and supervision, limited negotiated disclosures of certain confidential information, treatment of ownership shares, and superintendent management authority, and making penalties applicable. 02/02/12 Bolkcom, Beall, Bertrand 2/2/2012; Bolkcom-CH, Beall, Bertrand
Economic Growth SF 2106A bill for an act relating to qualifying investments for redevelopment tax credits and including applicability provisions. 2/2/2012; Dotzler-CH, Bertrand, Mathis
State Government SF 2089A bill for an act concerning the authority of a liquor control licensee to keep certain mixed drinks or cocktails on the licensed premises. 2/1/2012; Danielson-CH, Bertrand, Jochum
Commerce SF 2072A bill for an act relating to stray electric current or voltage and civil actions to recover resulting damages. 2/1/2012; McCoy-CH, Bertrand, Seng
Economic Growth SSB 3110A study bill for an act relating to economic development and the use of tax revenues and other funds by affecting programs, tax incentives, and project completion and other assistance administered by the economic development authority, by diverting franchise tax revenues and withholding tax payments for such programs, incentives, and assistance, by abolishing the film tax credit program, by replacing references to the economic development fund and financial assistance program, and by providing spending authority, by providing for properly related matters, and including effective date and retroactive and other applicability provisions. 01/31/12 Dotzler, Sodders, Bertrand 1/31/2012; Dotzler-CH, Bertrand, Sodders
Economic Growth HF 2042A bill for an act requiring jobs impact statements for administrative rules. (Formerly HSB 503) 1/30/2012; Sodders-CH, Bertrand, Wilhelm
Commerce SSB 3062A study bill for an act relating to surety bond requirements for fire extinguishing system and alarm system contractors and fire protection system installers and maintenance workers. 01/19/12 Bolkcom, Wilhelm, Bertrand 1/30/2012; Bolkcom-CH, Bertrand, Wilhelm
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